fear mongering…

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I was recently at our doctors office (the office that we have been w/ for 9 YEARS!! but i’ll get to that latter) with Sis. It was her well child appt. Towards the end of our visit the nurse came in w/ a lab order for a blood draw. Here was our conversation:
me: what is this for?
nurse: just routine, hemoglobin, lead..blah, blah

me: she just had her blood drawn last week when she was sick, I really don’t want to put her thru that again.

nurse: well, let me see if there was a hemoglobin in that draw….there was, but she still needs the lead.

me: we’ve lived in the same house for 8 years, she’s been tested b4, we don’t need to do this.

nurse: yes, but she’s not just in your house, she’s in other peoples as well. (at this point I just stared at her, dumbfounded that she actually thought that would convince me.)

nurse: if it was my kid I’d get it done.again, I just stare.(~altho the doula in me was furious! don’t try your scare tactics on me, I see enough of that in the labor and deliver room.)

nurse: (leaves and comes back in again) well, this is protocol, they say you really need to get this done.

me: who is THEY?

nurse: the state. (my kids have michigan medicaide for health insurance)

me: I don’t CARE what the state says!

nurse: well, ok I can just write on here that mother refused, I’m not gonna argue w/ you. (oh, really?? that’s not arguing? b/c that really seemed like arguing to me!?)

me: then write it.

At this point the nurse practitioner comes in, asks us if we live in an older home, I say it is, (I don’t know what is considered older, it is about 50 years old. But that all of my kids have been tested b4 and they were fine. She shrugs her shoulders, says ok, signs next to the refusal and leaves.  I am steaming. Sis has no idea what is going on. She only knows she doesn’t want her blood drawn again.

At 1st I think it is b/c of the medicaide. I’ll admit that. But I recently have had some tests done myself. Dh and I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan through his work. (if we carried the kids, he’d bring home little to nothing of his paycheck)

 At a recent appt they were scheduling me for a test that I had to do at the hospital. No one told me they were sending me right then and there. The 1 we had done 2 weeks ago we scheduled for the following week, and they ASKED me. This one they just did it and said, “ok honey head on over there.” I then had to argue my way o/o the fact that I had kids to pick up and no there was no one else to watch them on the spot and no one told me they were doing it RIGHT NOW! The nurse looked at me like I was stupid.

But it was latter, when I was telling dh that I realized the problem. I have been w/ these people since we moved back here in 2000. I have changed ALOT since then. The thing is, I’ve never crossed them before. Up until now, we’ve agreed on most things.  So, we’ll see how things go from here on out. They might well come to dread seeing me. It’s a good thing that we don’t go very often. I hope not, I hope we can come to a mutual respect for each other. We’ll see.


happy happy!!

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Happy Mothers Day to all of you gorgeous women out there! You’re a mother in one way or another (hey that rhymes!hee/hee)!! Hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever it is that pleases you…

I, at the risk of offending some, will be enduring a mother daughter banquet, (have i ever told you how much i hate love these things??) in between 2 soccer games and possibly an open house. So, we’ll see how much pleasure I get o/o the day. I guess some would say that depends on my attitude huh??

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anxiety………..stress…………..anticipation………….prayer…………..friendship………miles apart……felt everyday…………..frustrations………….joy………albeit shakable, joy……faith…………………pressure……peace…………pubs with skin on…….

this and that…

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been drinking lot’s of water lately. at 1st it drove me nut’s which is why i’ve always quit b4, b/c of all the peeing(!) but i think i must be getting used to it. i still go, but not quite as much. and man, my skin looks great! if i do say so myself:) i’ve always had such dry skin on my face, but i was looking at it last night and i don’t think it’s ever looked so good.

in doula news, we’re supposed to have a get together this weekend. we’ll see how it goes if it happens:) our workshop curriculum is at a complete standstill. who knew writing curriculum was so time consuming?? and indiana is supposedly passing a new law allowing direct entry midwives. that one completely shocked me. indiana has been so harsh on homebirth midwives, i’m interested to see how this one pans out.

crunch time

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must…get through……this..last ……workbook……………….

this is how i’ve been feeling about these last few weeks of school. i’ve been told it’s called crunch time. we keep getting these gorgeous smatterings of sunny days here and there between weeks of rain and then it’s so hard to get anything done on them!

this last weekend we did have a successful science fair tho. we had about 20 kids w/ presentations. everything from sound to butchering steer. (i skipped that display.)

my kids did horses,science-fair-031


 and the rain forest.


i wish i had taken a better pic of zai’s game. he made it up himself. it was so cool. you pick an animal or bug from the rain forest and choose a card and it tells you how many spaces to go. i was proud of all of them, but that game was exceptional:)




remember, birth matters!!

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I know I don’t need to remind you that birth matters. But I do need to remind you about the contest!! Don’t forget!! The goal is to flood  you tube w/ birth related videos. Good, healthy birth videos. Not traumatic, scary ones that most women are used to seeing. We want to educate and encourage:)

Need I remind you of the $1000 1st place prize, or the honor of having Sarah Buckley, Abby Epstein and Rikki Lake as judges??

For more information see here: Birth Matters

and for all you fellow facebook lovers, Go Here

You must have your entry form filled out by May 10th!! Listen, they’re not looking for professionals, anyone can do this, and there is a huge variety of topics to choose from. Just pick one that’s on your heart:)

well rounded mommas….

•April 17, 2009 • 3 Comments

I’d like to direct your attention to one of my favorite blogs today. Over at The Well Rounded Mama she has again brought up something that may or may not affect you, but affects thousands of other women. And you probably have no idea the effect it could have on another woman.

I remember being at my sisters house about a year ago and she was telling me about a friend of hers who had just given birth. My sister had been able to help her get started breastfeeding. As she was telling me this, she made a comment about how it had also been the 1st time she’d seen breasts that looked like hers. She has a dark complexion. She said most of the breasts she’d ever seen were pale and pink, hers are not.  For some reason her comment stuck w/ me. And I remember thinking about the fact that it must have bothered her to some extent, otherwise she wouldn’t have said it.

This morning as The Well Rounded Mama popped up on google reader I wondered what she was going to write about. She is by far one of the most informative bloggers I’ve ever read. And she’s bold enough to write about things others don’t/won’t touch.

Today, her topic is the lack of images of women of size during pregnancy. Let’s be real people, fat women have babies too. ALL THE TIME.  Let’s go a little bit deeper here, I’ve said it b4, every woman is beautiful, mearly b/c she is a woman. You either love and support women, or you don’t. Regardless of their size.

I appreciate what The Well Rounded Mama does w/ her blog. She is real and unafraid. But I especially appreciated this mornings post. For the 1st time ever, I see women who look like me when I was pregnant.

B/c I’m fat, I don’t want to see pics of women who look like me pregnant and giving birth? Nah, let’s not publish anything like that, it might mean that it’s ok for fat people to have babies. We wouldn’t want to encourage that. (b/c thousands of fat women have had perfectly healthy pregnancies, births and babies w/o our help!) And dare we publish something that the media doesn’t find “beautiful”??