new blog.

I believe I am moving again. I have started another blog. At blogger. Here is the address: i thought i was done w/ blogger forever, it was such a pain in the bum. but it was easier to figure o/ than wordpress. and there were more options.

There are nice things about wordpress, but it is limited, and I can’t even publish videos w/o paying for the upgrade? gimme a break. I am not shutting this one down, or deleting it, yet. But I will be posting over at mamadoulagirl for now….i know, another blog for her?? gimme a break! i feel the same way, i just can’t seem to find a home, if you only knew!!!


~ by doulangel on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “new blog.”

  1. I feel as you do about wordpress and blogger; at first I think wp was the bees knees, but I’m also feeling somewhat disenchanted, not that I blog that often… I still haven’t fully given up my other place

    good luck at the new place – I’ll pop over

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