Yes, it’s that time of year again….Ronnie and I are heading o/o town. On our way to Chi-town:) to see out fave fab 5 boys. We’re leaving when she get’s o/o work this evening, so I have plenty of time to waste today. I will pack, run a couple of errands and do something fun w/ the kids.

Unfortunately, we only get to stay 1 night. But it will be a great night:D I’d like to take a minute to talk to you about the importance of women taking a moment o/o their lives for themselves.

I have decided that our little road trips are an annual event. When the NKOTB are merely apart of our history again, we’ll find some other reason to treck off to Chicago or some other fun place, Chi-town just happens to be a fave place of ours:)

As women, we’re natural born caretakers. That is what we do. We take care of others. All day, every day, in one way or another. Whether it’s working a job or staying home, we’re taking care. But when is it time for us to let loose and just have fun?? Be silly?? In our case, be 15 again…..

So, I’d like to encourage you, man or woman, to take the time to get away this year. My dh is going away for a week. (!) He’s never done this b4, and I’ll miss him desperately. But he deserves to get away. We all do. We deserve a break from the every day norm of it all. A break from the responsibility of work, of being a parent, of bills. Not that we don’t love our lives or our families. But it’s ok to get away from it. We’re better people for it when we get back:)


~ by doulangel on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “roadtrip!!!”

  1. You must be back by now. Hope you had a good time.

  2. i had a great time!!!! thanx val!!

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