My sweetest boy. Pixie face, angel boy, are names I call him in my head, not to his face tho. I don’t think he’d appreciate them very much. He was born at 8:02 I think. And he definitely is by far the sweetest of my kids. And right now, the easiest. 1 of the 2 that we tried for. When we found out we were having him, we didn’t even have a place of our own yet. We had just moved back from Missouri, we were still living w/ Dh’s parents. Good times.

I’ve reflected on Zai’s birth many times. There are things I don’t like about, but thankfully, nothing traumatic or anything that I haven’t gotten over.

Zai is a sweet, funny, freckle faced, generous, kid w/ an imagination that rivals the best of them. He loves his family, teases his sister and can’t get enough of his big brother. 

We were talking about talents one, day, as in the gifts God gave us to help others. When asked what he thought his was, he replied, “I make people smile.” Oh yes, buddy, you do.

You are my gift.


~ by doulangel on June 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “birth-day”

  1. “mom, can you take a picture of me” “mom, I love you”

  2. I absolutely love that photo you posted on FB, of him grinning with the lit cupcake on the table in front of him.

  3. hi Kris, what a beautiful tribute to your son. may he always make people smile. that’s a great gift to have.

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