i am so there.

I have talked in the past about my headaches. Ok, I’ll admit it. I have complained, griped, and down right whined. In one of many visits to my doctors office recently I spoke to her about it. I thought I had communicated to her that I had figured out that the migraines came about 2x a month along w/ my periods, that regular otc meds weren’t kicking them and could she give me something to take that would. She sent me home w/ Topomax. I filled it, came home and read the instructions and wasn’t happy. I didn’t want a preventative. I wanted something to take when I got one. But, I decided to try it anyway. That was a month ago. I am happy to report, that I am one month, migraine free. I don’t even get as many small headaches. Yes, I take this medicine 2 x a day, every day. And I don’t even care. I feel like I have been living w/ unnecessary pain for too long. Not wanting to take medication every day.

There was no refill on the bottle, so I asked for one. She gave it to me and said we’d try it for another month. I don’t know what will happen at the end of this month. I talked to a friend at church who I found out takes the same thing for her migraines. She went off of it, started having migraines again and went back on it.  She said the same thing about the little headaches too.

I’ve also talked many times about Zac,  ADD and not medicating him. Every school year that we have gotten through w/o medication we have sighed w/ relief, another year. This year was no different in that sense. But there was something else different. Something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s just a few different little things that all added up to it being time to talk about meds.

So we did. Dh and I agreed. I talked to the doc at his well child. I feel ok about it now. I feel like I’ve done everything that I could have done to get to this point. And I feel fine. We might not end up w/ meds, we might, we’ll see what happens. But I am so at this point.  I am so here. And I am so fine about being here.


~ by doulangel on May 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “i am so there.”

  1. Medication has its place. You are right that it is used too freely to control conditions like ADD without exploring other avenues. Now you’ve explored them, you are not like those people who are so rigid in their opinions that you hold out no matter what. I hope you see as big an improvement in Zac as you have in yourself.

  2. thanx val, i appreciate your words.

  3. wait a sec… you get periods 2x a month… or migranes during ovulation and periods?

  4. migrains during ovulation and periods. misery i tell you!

  5. my daughter’s husband gets migranes–really bad ones, but i don’t think it has anything to do with his periods. lol! ok, couldn’t resist that little joke, but for real, he gets them and i don’t remember what he takes, but when i was there last year, he had a huge bottle of whatever it is. they are dr prescribed though.

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