a bit of our easter weekend…

lilys-bday-egg-hunt-0481st, Dh’s work has been really slow. So slow that I pray everyday that he will get a full days work in. We really can’t make it on less than 40 hours a week. So, his company told him last week that they were just going to shut down on Good Friday. He ended up taking it as a vacation day so he still got paid. It was really nice having him around for 3 days:)

We pretty much celebrated everything on Saturday. We usually have an egg hunt w/ my cousins and their kids at my aunts house, but that didn’t work o/ this year. So we decided to have one here and invite a couple of the neighbors who we’re close to. It was so much fun.

lilys-bday-egg-hunt-044lilys-bday-egg-hunt-043After that we went to dh’s parents for dinner. It was really nice. The kids were given easter bags full of candy and trinkets and clothes. I’m so gld she bought them some dress clothes, especially the boys. And of course, since my daughter has an aversion to dresses, Nanny got her a really cute pair of pink gouchoes (sp?).  The kids got to start their crafts that were in the bags and play w/ some of the toys. Then we left b/c Zac had a soccer game. Really hate the beginning of soccer, it’s always so blasted cold!

lilys-bday-egg-hunt-062lilys-bday-egg-hunt-066Sunday we went to church and I took a few pics of the kids in their new clothes. We went o/ for a cheap lunch and then just totally vegged the rest of the day. The suprise? A mystery bunny left a couple of easter baskets on the back porch for the kids:) Later found o/ it was my dad.lilys-bday-egg-hunt-067

With special thanks to my fabulous friend Rosie from Accidental Sexiness for showing me how to upload my pics!!


~ by doulangel on April 13, 2009.

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  1. you have such a beautiful family.

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