So, Sunday night Sis kept yawning in church. This isn’t normal for her. Especially since she takes a nap on Sunday afternoons. She leans on me and I feel her head, she feels warm to me. She also says that she wants to go to bed as soon as she get’s home, definitely abnormal behavior there.

Saturday I take her temperature, 102. something. Between today, Wednesday, and then it has gone from 103. something to 99.7 w/ childrens motrin. She also had a headache on Sunday and Monday. Her throat looks swollen to me, but she says it doesn’t hurt. And that’s it, she has no other symptoms, no runny nose, no belly ache, no coughing. I finally took her in yesterday thinking that strep or something was coming. I wasn’t real thrilled w/ what they said.

They don’t know what’s causing the fever. They want to do a urinalysis, a blood coulture, and a chest x-ray (!) that last one really got me. I was like, “um, I don’t think so.”  For a fever!? gimme a break!! But b/c she has no other symptoms, those are the guidelines they go by. Well, I go the mom guidelines, and they are giving me red flags all over the place.

*sigh* i don’t know what to do. on one hand, i think the tests aren’t that bad are they? (not the x-ray) on the other hand, i keep thinking, maybe i should just wait it out a couple more days.

just a quick update, i did end up taking her in for the tests. strep and mono are both going around and after talking to scott, we let them take some blood and gave them some urine. and…..keeping my fingers crossed, i layed down w/ her for a little nap and i think while she was sleeping her fever might have broke, she was all sweaty and her head felt cool to my touch. after she woke, i took her temp and it was only 98.9.  i’ll take it again in a couple of hours…


~ by doulangel on April 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “fever!!!”

  1. I’m sure they just want to rule out something more serious. It’s just routine when drs. can’t diagnose the problem.

  2. well, i let them take some blood and she gave them some urine. but probably by the time they get their results back, she’ll be better.

  3. The great expert non-mother says, most of this stuff seems to get better by itself. But the medics have to justify their existence.

  4. Fingers crossed there’s a return to full health soon. Happy Easter to you and your Kris.

  5. Kris, have you noticed, that all three commentators with the smart advice are childfree. Where are the parents when you need their advice? Probably looking after their own sick kids!

    I’m so glad I’m not a parent.

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