8:22 a.m. 6 years ago, my baby was born. With all probability, will be my last baby, was born. My only girl. She rocked my world. From the time I found o/ we were expecting her, which was a total shock, to this very morning, like almost every other morning. I still shake my head sometimes and ask the Lord what he was thinking. But I know that He has the most amazing plans for her little life. She is bold and unafraid. Everything that I was not as a girl. She is who she is and doesn’t apologize for any of it. The other day when I was trying to get her dressed for church, I had already compromised by letting her wear her pants under the dress that I asked her to wear, I told her the pants didn’t match, to pick something else. She looks at me and says, “Mom,” (ok, it was more like, ‘mo’om’) “you have to let ME be ME.” And closed the door. 

I had no time to day to sit and reflect on her birth. Altho, I did think about it on and off all day.  I had no regrets this time. In the past I have. Not today.

We had a great day. Exhausting, but FUN! Sis loved every minute of it too. I invited 3 of her little girl friends over. Dh took Sis o/ so we could surprise her. She knew we were having something, but didn’t know what. I took these big sheets of paper and tacked them up to the privacy fence and bought some cool paint brushes and glitter paint. They had a great time w/ it. And the weather was beautiful. Could have been a little warmer, but it was sunny and I’m not complaining.

Then we came in and decorated the cup cakes. We had pink cake, pink frosting, white frosting, and every kind of sprinkles you can imagine. Plus gel writers. They loved it! I loved it:) So after we decorated a bunch, we put candles in one and sang to her, then ate one and opened presents.

After presents we had a tea party:) The girls LOVED it! One of them said, “this is the best tea party ever!” Sis got this adorable little porcelain tea set for Christmas. It comes in a wicker basket, it’s too cute. We’ve put it to good use quite a few times. It was sweet.

Then the little girls left and our family came. Have to do this in shifts, not enough room! But it was a wonderful day. After her bath she says, “mom, my whole body is sore…” She was so sleepy.

All in all, I have no regrets about this day today, or 6 years ago. I know, that I did my best in both cases.

To my girl, I love you more than life.


~ by doulangel on April 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “birth-day….”

  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all. And Sis, she’s a real firecracker for one so young. She’s going to be an extraordinary woman.

  2. i think so too joj, and thank you:)

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