birthy thoughts…

I have a friend who is nearly due. She is 38 weeks and anxiously awaiting her new bundle. We’re not real close and she lives far from me. There were some things that I wanted to share w/ her. Not that she hasn’t done a good job of educating herself. She has read and taken classes. But there are things that wouldn’t necessarily have been found in those classes or books. Things that could make a positive difference for her.

But I found myself biting my tongue. Dh told me to just send my congrats and sign off. If this had been anything but birth, would I have spoken up? I know birth is a sensitive and sometimes private topic. (depending on who you’re talking to)

I keep finding myself wondering, where do you draw the line?? Only speak if spoken to?? Only answer if asked?? There is so much of me that hates the thought of that. But I also remember what it was like to get those unasked for words of wisdom. They were different kind of words tho. I think back to my 1st birth and the fact that I had a close friend who delivered all of her kids at home, and WISH that she had shared some of her wisdom w/ me.

But anyway, these are my thoughts as of late. Where is the line?? Where do I speak and where do I not??


~ by doulangel on March 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “birthy thoughts…”

  1. Why don’t you just ask her if she has any questions, concerns, etc and see what she says? That way you’ll see if she’s open to additional information.

  2. If you were a mechanic and your neighbor was working on her car, you’d probably offer your thoughts. And your neighbor would likely welcome them. You’re a birth professional. I think it is appropriate to open the door for sharing some of what you know.

  3. I think it’s natural to bite your toungue a bit, and it nearly drives me mad talking to pregnant women because they are often clueless.
    you know when they are interested in knowing, and when they are just trusting their OB to make the best choice for them.

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