I am honestly thrilled that I can see the light at the end of this homeschool year tunnel. Over all,  it has been a good year. I’ve learned ALOT. One thing I haven’t mastered is break time. I really need a break in our day. I need the few minutes to exhale and do something mindless. The thing I have a hard time w/ is getting back to work. The few minutes turns into a half hour or an hour.  And then the day seems to have slipped away. Or I have to fight for at least another half an hour to get them fully back to work. I truly want them to have some down time during the school day. But it seems the shorter the break, the less hassel that is involved. I know there are some things I could do that would solve the problem, but they are too legalistic for me. I hate that feeling, and refuse to make it part of our day.

Anyhoo, on to other things. We had a local homeschool convention this week end. Me and the mil went. We really enjoyed it. I am tooexcited about the new math curriculum we found for my soon to 5th grader (i can’t believe i just said i’m about to have a 5th grader…….). It’s something I’ve heard a lot of people rave about and I know he is going to just love it!! For many reasons. The 1st and coolest reason? It’s done totally on the computer(!) I am sure the vendors that were selling it were laughing at me on the inside. I was just really excited about it. He is going to feel totally big. He’s gonna love that he get’s to do it alone, and on the computer. 2 things that he usually doesn’t get. He’s gonna love that his mom isn’t teaching it to him!

What do I love about it? That I don’t have to teach it to him:) I love that it’s gonna give him self confidence, and I love, love, love that allof our kids are gonna be able to use it. We don’t have buy anything else for any of the other kids when they get to 5th grade. LOVE THAT!! (won’t even go into the fact that homeschoolers buy our own curriculum AND still pay taxes for everyone elses kids…) But anyhoo, it’s looks great and I can’t wait to get it in the mail and check it out.

So this morning I was all excited to do a couple of creative things w/ the boys. They’re still doing the same work, but I wanted to try a different, more fun, creative way to do a couple of them. I shoulda known better. Zac just doesn’t like change. He rolled his eyes at me. So, I tried to explain it to him again. His reply? “Think I’ll just stick to the old way of doing it.” I rolled my eyes back at him.


~ by doulangel on March 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “homeschooling”

  1. You get to do more training than me, and I’m supposed to be a teacher!

    I often start my maths lessons with games I’ve found on the internet. There are a lot of fun ones out there. Have you ever tried BBC Bitesize? It does stuff for all ages and subjects.

  2. i found it val and it’s great! thanx for sending it to me! the kids love the british accents too;)

  3. As your littl’uns are still quite young, maybe there might be some stuff for them in Primary Resources. It should be but I cannot always get that to come up, so I Google it to find it and get it on my favourites on a new computer. There are worksheets for all sorts of subjects, and Powerpoint presentations. I use it a lot, even though it’s for under 11s, what with mine being Special Needs.

  4. thanx again val! it’s kind of funny, i am looking thru there and have to remember that on some of the stuff we do things a little differently:)

  5. Some stuff they even do differently from when I was at school over here!

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