11/29/08 Birth…

In November I was priviledged to be part of the birth of someone I consider a close friend.  Mom was an experienced birther. She has also worked as a labor and delivery nurse and taught cbe classes, so I also felt very much the student here.

She had gestational diabeties, so was scheduled for induction at about 38 weeks. She aslo had a baby who had gotten quite comfy laying transverse. We (I say we, that would be her doing the work, me giving suggestions once in awhile) tried everything! She did a lot of research on different positions to try to get baby to turn. And from what I understand, her other kids rather enjoyed watching her try them all:) We also did a lot of praying.

At the time of her birth, baby had moved slightly, but was still transverse. Mom also still had a posterior cervix. The plan was to go in early that morning, try to turn the baby and then start the induction. I was admittedly excited to be able to watch an external version.

We went in early, about 6 a.m. Saturday morning. She was excited to see one of the nurses she worked with years ago there when we arrived. The 1st thing they did was place her epidural. We then waited for the Doc. We did a lot of waiting that day:) He came in some time latter along with a resident who assisted him. They had already done an ultrasound to see exactly where baby was. They poured mineral oil on her belly and got started. I don’t really have words to describe it, a womans stomach should not contort like that! The Doc worked on moving the baby, then they checked to see where she was. He had moved her down some, but had a little way to go.  He worked hard, pushing with his whole body, by the time he was done he was sweating. The 2cd time he was able to move baby completely into place. It was very exciting, we were all really happy that the version was succesful.

Now if we could get her to stay there! This baby was so active! Mom said she had been that way the whole pregnancy. Everytime she moved I got a little nervous. After the version they placed cytotec on her cervix, and we waited the 4 hours that was hospital policy.

After that they started the pitocin. Her contractions began and did their job. She dilated and started a gradual progression. Right around in here somewhere her family decided to go have dinner and asked me if I wanted to come. We didn’t know precisely where she was at, but she  had mentioned that she was feeling a little pressure. I had also noticed a little change in her, she had started to flush a little here and there. I opted o/o leaving. I knew if she was feeling pressure than I needed to stay.

It was soon after they left that she became complete and they called the Doc. I was worried for a few minutes that her family would miss it. They did all their prepping and she was soon pushing. It didn’t take her long to push her gorgeous baby out. Of course it never seems like a long time to me:)

Baby was born about 7 that evening, weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz. The Doc had been sure this whole time that she was going to have a big baby. But his idea of big was over 9 lbs. Mom kept telling him that she wasn’t that big. After they weighed her we laughed because Doc couldn’t believe it. He told them to weigh her again.

It was a great time, a great birth. She had excellent staff. Her nurse was amazing. She was knowledgable, experienced and had wonderful patient care. She was gentle and patient. Her Doc was fun and easy going. It was really a great experience and I’m glad I was able to be there. I didn’t have much to do, but I also feel like I saw a new side of birth.

Mom was confidant and knowledgable in her desicions during this pregnancy and birth. It was a priviledge for me to be there for it.

What I learned from this one? This is what induction should look like. I do realize there is a difference between this mother who has had multiple births b4 this one and the consistancy of her cervix, versus and 1st time mom. But I wish this type of birth for all mothers who have to be induced…

Also, when mom has had an epidural, and is progressing so well, there really wasn’t anything for me do. That said, there is a whole other part of being a doula that comes into play here. The emotional part. The part of a woman that wants another woman with her.


~ by doulangel on February 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “11/29/08 Birth…”

  1. Just responding to a comment left on my blog..
    My other half doesnt get it either, even though he has his own thing (World of Warcraft)… Its not like Im dragging him to the shows with me.. lol.

  2. I’m so pleased to hear of an induction that didn’t turn c/s. I’m glad you got the story up 🙂

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