love making….

Ahh ha! Made ya look! Not that kind of love making *wink*

I was thinking more about things that maybe lead up to that… I was getting my hair cut, my friend/hairdresser and I were chatting. No great surprise. But I mentioned that Dh and I were going on a date tonight. She says, “You guys get a lot of date nights!” She sees my face-book status about it a lot. I tell her that we have started making it a priority again.

We all know that as parents and spouses we NEED  time alone together. There are the obvious reasons that we need it and enjoy it, being able to reconnect is important, being able to have an adult conversation, not having to tell someone to be quiet, don’t talk w/ food in your mouth, don’t pick you nose….those sorts of things.

But there is something else that I am finding. The more time alone I get w/ him, the more I think about him altogether. It is so easy to think about the kids all the time. What can I do to make them happy? What do they need? What can I do to make them feel special and loved today? I do that everyday, all the time. I am always thinking or doing for them.

But what about him? Who thinks about his needs? His wants? What would make him feel special and loved today? In our society, especially in recent years, it’s all about taking “me time” for women. We encourage women to take care of themselves. B/c yes, we as women tend to neglect our needs. My husband does not neglect me, my needs or my desires. (don’t get me wrong, i am all for me time, and dh makes sure i get it) 

But I do neglect his. He tends to be the last one I take care of. I’m not talking about not cooking for him or something like that. But what have I done lately to make him feel loved?

We have spent that last 3 or 4 weeks making time alone a priority.  Being alone allows us to reconnect w/ each other. And I find myself thinking about him more. Thinking about his day, about what I can do to make him feel good when he get’s home, to make him feel special. He knows I love him, but does he feel it?

Sometimes the day to day of life get’s to be so much that we loose track of each other. I for one and really enjoying the time we’ve had to reconnect and enjoy each other again:)


~ by doulangel on February 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “love making….”

  1. I think a lot of couples should take a page out of your book. You and DH are such a sweet, adorable couple. Your FB profile pic says it all.

  2. That’s a great idea. I think I’ll use it with Bobby 😉

  3. Well that put a smile on my face ;0) Hope everything is OK with you and yours Kris. Di x

  4. thanks for the reminder! 😉 love ya friend

  5. thanks ladies!!
    val- i think bobby would very much appreciate some time alone;)
    Hi Di *waves*

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