Hello all 2 of you who still look me up! heehee, sorry I am feeling a bit loopy this morning, took some cold meds, and that’ll do it:)

I had a lovely post idea and worked on it for hours, but for some reason I can’t get the pics to load. Our city has an ice festival every year and I took some great shots, but they won’t load up here. I can’t seem to get videos to load either, which is funny b/c these are 2 of the reason I left blogger. Ah well, maybe I’ll just post them on facebook instead:)

So, the birth I attended from the center went well. I can’t share a whole lot but it was reeaallly loooooooooong. I think I figured up to be 36 hours worth from beginning to end for her. I was present for 23 of them. (she called me 2 and half hours after her early labor started, I stayed w/ them for most of the day, then went home after her labor petered o/. Met them at the hospital latter that night.) It was interesting being w/ people I hardly knew.

She labored really well for about 24 of hours. Did an admirable job of breathing and relaxing thru her contractions. Then became exhausted physically and emotionally. She was unable to sleep in between them. She decided to try a little pain relief and we all slept for a little while.

Hours latter, she decided on letting them break her water, and then an epidural. After that she dilated about a centimeter and hour until pushing. I think it took her about an hour to push baby out. I took a back seat at this point. She had family in there so the nurse asked me to watch the monitor (something that felt inherently wrong) and let them know when a contraction was coming so they knew when to push. I did get to view the birth from a different direction this time tho, so that was interesting.

New things this time around, the cord wrapped around baby’s foot, the use of cytotec inserted after the birth, and dad passing out:)  

All in all it was a good experience. There were times I felt like I wasn’t needed b/c she had plenty of support. But they asked me and I felt led to do it, so I stayed. I was asked to do another one next week that I turned down. I can’t do another 30 hour birth in a week. It’s like being gone for 2 days. I feel bad, this is another 1st time mother who is scared. But I can’t take on every birth that comes o/o the center (not that they expect me to) but there are only 2 doulas there right now and the other one is unavailable at this point. I am however meeting a new doula in the area tonight and am hoping to hook up this mom in need w/ her:) I’ll letcha know how it works out!!


~ by doulangel on January 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “birth…”

  1. The poor dad! He passed out from watching?

  2. fun details…thanks for doing that..i really admire you!

  3. I do visit, but you know me and all things baby.

    I hope you manage to post the ice pictures. I’d love to see them.

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