In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  we have been reading a great book I found at the library. It’s called Heroes for Civil Rights written by David Adler.  It is a children’s book that has pages of  different, pivotal people involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

I really enjoyed it. The kids seemed to also. It was so cool b/c they were completely appalled by the fact that black people were treated so badly “just b/c their skin was dark!?”

What surprised me was something that I knew, but hadn’t really put in it’s place. It was the fact that the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t even a lifetime ago. It just struck me. We think we live in such a modern society and yet it was barely 40 years ago that we weren’t riding buses together. 

My favorite part of the book was included on the page that told about the Greensboro Four. They described “peaceful protests.” Where they talked about 80 people entering a restaurant, being arrested and another 80 entering, being arrested, then another 80 entering.  I can just picture it in my head, the persistance of all involved. Altho I’m sure it didn’t seem all that peaceful to the ones being arrested.


~ by doulangel on January 20, 2009.

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  1. It is easy to forget how recent things have changed…. until I am with Grandma, and AnnaLeah says “I want a black daddy (barbie) for christmas” and Grandma starts another story with “I’m not a racist but…”

  2. jenn-“black daddy”-lol! too cute. reminds me of one time when we were at the park and my kids told me they wanted to go home b/c there were too many “black kids” there. i looked around and wondered what they were talking about, and was suprised they had said something like that. i asked them to show me who they were talking about, and they pointed to all these white kids who were dressed in goth(!) i cracked up.

  3. That’s funny, Kris!!! 😀 I was raised in a non-racist home, fortunately. But as I got older, I realized that my town was 99% white. There was one black family in our town; 3 black kids who were brothers and sister. I think, had my parents lived in the next town over, Barnstable, race would have been way more of an issue.

  4. There’s always been plenty of racism in the UK, but it was never entrenched in law. The police are said to have become less racist, though they still stop far more black drivers than white. I can’t imagine having lived with segregation. Though there are still some gentlemen’s clubs that don’t allow women in…

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