I have taken on my 1st client from the center. It is a completely new experience taking on someone you hardly know. Even w/ the clients that have hired me, you know, the ones I’ve had that didn’t come from my friends and family list, I had been able to spend time w/ them and always felt a real connection w/ them, a real bond.

This one is due today actually. I met them last week and they asked me, but I didn’t make my decision till meeting them again last night. I was open and honest and felt like we had made a small connection in the little amount of time we had. I had prayed about it all week also.

From the beginning the Lord told me this was a ministry. I just didn’t know how it was all going to come to light.  I had always expected to have lot’s of time to get to know the women that I support.  But I guess that isn’t a must have. We’ll see!


~ by doulangel on January 17, 2009.

One Response to “newness..”

  1. Keep me posted…I am very excited to see how this all goes!
    love you friend!

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