Someone please tell me how 20/20’s piece last night was!!?? Send me a link or something!


~ by doulangel on January 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “20/20”

  1. Didn’t see it but I did think of you when I saw the promo. Hope you get the details! Sometimes NBC makes some of their shows available on line after the fact. You could check their website.

  2. It was about
    *orgasmic birth… no new information, showed some clips of a few orgasmic births, had a midwife on talking. and they suprisingly didn’t really put anyone down.
    *extended BFing, typical “the kid is too old if he can talk” comments, but suprisingly allowed the moms and kids some respect… even though some were 6 and over
    *home birth, they didn’t make it scarey, and of course had ricky lake on and showed clips of her documentary.
    *and they threw in a segment on women (mostly older and after infertility issues) who buy expensive realistic dolls and take care of them as if they were real… taking them shopping, to the park, changing diapers…This one seemed out of place, as the other segments were more controversial “hippy” stuff.
    I wasn’t impressed with the program, and I don’t think it could have possibly caused an upset among people from either side of the fence…

  3. I’m late, I’ve no idea what 20/20 is, but I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy 2009 *hugs’n’kisses

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