Well did you all enjoy your Thanksgiving?? We had a great day. 1st, the night b4 I was heading out to choir practice and my brake pedal went nearly to the floor. My heart sank. We had plans to go to Laporte for the day to one of Dh’s aunts, (one of my favorite ones!). We hadn’t seen much of his family all year b/c we never went up to the cottage. Gas was just too high. That night his dad ran him to get some brake fluid in hopes it was something simple like that. That night as we went to bed, I prayed and we all tried to keep a good attitude. Worse situation, we stay home and hang out together, play games, watch the parade, at least we had pie! As I was praying I was reminded to stay thankful. It could have happened on our way down, we could have been hurt.

In the morning he put it in, and watched it squirt out as we pushed the pedal down…….We called his parents and told them we weren’t going. She suggested us borrowing a car from a friend. There was no one I could think of who was available at 1st. Then I remembered someone, swallowed my pride and asked. She was more than willing, saying, “I don’t leave the house on Thanksgiving day!”

So we had a great time. Played cards, ate too much, they have a nice big house w/ a basement w/ toys and a ping pong table, they even got craft stuff o/ for Sis.  I hardly even saw my kids they had so much fun. It was great seeing his family.

So please, tell me about your day!

In the mean time, how to fix the van, and get Dh back and forth to work? He was sure he had a friend he could ask for a ride. Ok. On Sunday him and 2 of the kids decided to walk to church, it’s probly about a mile from our house. I was at a birth from 6 am Saturday till about 8 in the evening, so I wasn’t up to walking in the snow to church, sorry. Anyhoo, on the way a neighbors mom saw them and gave them a ride. Another friend offered them a ride home. Latter that afternoon, the same mom offered her car to us so he could get back and forth to work. She also told us that she was planning on eventually giving us the car. (!)

Dh’s parents offered to pay for the brakes up front and we can pay them back whenever. Such relief! We are already behind on things b/c of having to buy Dh new glasses earlier this year. If we’d have had to put o/ for this, there would be no end in sight.

God never ceases to amaze me. The way He takes care of us is always a suprise to me. So thankful.

And in the meantime, Saturdays birth was awesome! (of course) I got to be a part of somethings that I’ve never seen b4. Like an external version! unreal. Everyone came o/ happy and healthy:) I have no more clients scheduled tho. I kind of liked having one a month since September. I have been invited to one in January that I am soo looking forward to, but I’m not the doula.


~ by doulangel on December 2, 2008.

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  1. Glad to hear that things worked out with the transportation situation!

    Our Thanksgiving was fine. We had a good time and the food was awesome, but one of Brian’s friends was in crisis. HIs wife was leaving him the next day and so we invited him over. He was welcome to stay for dinner but in the end decided to go to his inlaws and join his wife anyway. But he was in our bathroom sobbing on the phone. Then my cousin called to wish me a happy b-day and SHE ended up sobbing on the phone b/c of a family situation we’ve all been dealing w/ for the last 6 yrs. The rest of the weekend was very relaxing!!

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