today show’s piece on doulas..

Well, they say no publicity is bad publicity……

When my mil comes by today she tells me there was a piece on doulas on the Today show this morning. (why she didn’t call and tell me it was on?? dunno.) She also says it was kind of negative and that she wasn’t real happy about it. (aww, she’s feeling defensive of me:) she’s forgiven for not calling me..)

I get online and find it. The article, found HERE is great. The video found HERE, (click on the extra help for moms vid) not so great. The testimonial of the woman who hired the doula, very sweet. The Doc’s that were interviewed, we could have done w/o…. So now, a doula is responsible for “damaged babies?” wow, great terminology there. I can’t imagine what kind of doulas they had at that hospital that they would ban doulas all together! And I have to wonder if what she said was true, it became a bad environment for the patient? Or did they just not like having patients who were informed and questioned their care??

The refernces to DONA, awesome.

Client testimonial, awesome.

Doula testimonial, awesome.

Really don’t like the way they ended the piece. Not saying that there aren’t ever women who have bad experiences w/ doulas. But the spin they put on it, unecessary.


~ by doulangel on November 20, 2008.

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