I feel so cruddy. I have had this cold for over almost 2 weeks. I never have a cold for this long. This morning I can’t breath, and I can’t quit coughing. So, what happens to homeschoolers when the teacher is sick?? I don’t want to not do anything, so decided that whatever we get done, is what we get done. And so far, it’s been a decent morning.

The boys both read to me or dh every day. Today we did something new. I had them read to all of us. I know some people call them, “read alouds.” It went well. Sis of course enjoyed it. And I think he boys did too. Zac didn’t like it that he has to read more than Zai, but he’ll get over it. I’d like to that everyday, but I don’t know, it took up about 2x as much time as the way we usually do it. So, we’ll see.

I am trying to decide what to do next week. We have always taken the whole week off, b/c that’s what the mil wanted to do. But now that I’m doing most of the teaching, it’s my choice. I was thinking maybe we’ll do Monday and Tuesday, but this morning I was looking at our schedule and that would break it up right in the middle. So now I’m thinking we’ll just skip the whole week. As homeschoolers we don’t get teacher inservice days, or snow days, or any of the other days that schoolers get. Plus, right now I feel so yucky that I don’t want to do anything!

Sis wants to read sooo bad. She keeps pretending. She will try to say the sounds of all the letters and then proclaims that she can read! It’s really cute. She still get’s hung up on a couple of letters and numbers as far as recognizing them by themselves. But she’s getting there.

I guess that’s a good update?? We’re doing well, I can’t complain aout our year. We have had a few bumps, but we are working them out:)


~ by doulangel on November 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “ugh,”

  1. Poor you, I hope you get well soon.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon! Can you guys make “hand turkeys” next week as a fun class project? I have fond memories of doing that in elementary school during Thanksgiving weekend! Another thing my hubby liked to do when he was a kid was make a paper chain counting down the days and rip one piece off each day.

  3. jojo-ya we have done the chains b4! great idea, thanx for reminding me! that would be fun to do next week:)

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