teaching doulas…

found this great little article from John Hopkins University School of Nursing Research News…

 Birth Companions Program Promotes Nursing Touch in Technology Era

       In a program unique to the Hopkins School of Nursing, students are given a body of skills to help them balance the human touch with today’s increasingly high-tech health care environment. Now in its eleventh year, “Community Perspectives on the Childbearing Process” has offered 525 students the skills and opportunity to serve as doulas – birth companions – and provide informal emotional, physical and informational support to women in labor. Under the leadership of JHUSON faculty Elizabeth T. Jordan, DNSc, RNC, and Shirley E. Van Zandt, MS, MPH, CRNP, the program enables young nurses to work at the interface of the technology touch screen and the human touch in obstetrical nursing practice. Their recent article in the Journal of Professional Nursing, “Doula Care: Nursing Students Gain Additional Skills to Define Their Professional Practice,” describes the theory and practice underlying the birth companions program and its significant value to both patient and nurse. “We have found that, whether they continue to work as doulas or not, our students carry the patient-focused skills gained from the experience into their nursing practice,” Van Zandt and Jordan concur. They also agree the curriculum warrants further replication and evaluation in other nurse training environments.

I know I’m not up on everything, but I have never heard of schools like this offering doula courses, and it says they have been teaching it for 11 years! that’s awesome!


~ by doulangel on November 13, 2008.

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