10/28/08 birth

This is the birth of A. Mom is a close friend of mine. Tues morning I went to a doc appt with her. She was 6 days post. Her doc gave her a cervical ripenor and they monitored her for 45 minutes and then sent her home. She was having some back pain by the time she got home. About 4 she calls me and is in alot of pain, all in her back. She said it sometimes came around to the front. I said, “are you telling me that you’re having pain that starts in the back and comes around to the front?” She said, “no, it’s only done that a couple of times.” I asked her if she wanted me to come over. She said no, that she was going to relax a little and then she had to go pick up her daughter. I told her we were going to a chiro appt and to call me back in about an hour, or if anything changes, we also talked a little relaxation breathing, that sort of thing.

She went up to her babies room, turned off all the lights, rubbed some lotion on her belly, and thought about her baby. (perfect, amazing) She then realized that the pain she was having had started to come from the bottom and wrap around. She was having contractions, about 3 in 10 minutes. She called her friend to ride w/ her to pick her daughter, got home and told her hubby it was time to go. My family and I had went to our appt, and were in the walmart parking lot when her hubby called telling me it was time, they were in the parking garage of Memorial hospital. I tell my husband to go, he starts to turn right, I tell him to go left to Memorial, he says, “don’t you need your doula bag?” I told him to just get me there! This mother has a reputation of precipitous births.

I got to the hospital, at the desk on the baby floor I told them who I was looking for, I said, “I’m not sure if she’s in triage or what.” The lady behind the desk said, “Oh no, we sent that young lady straight to a birthing suite!” I was thinking that this wasn’t looking good…..I found her room and when I went in she was in a lot of pain, having hard, fast contractions. She didn’t want to be touched so I tried to talk her thru them, help her not to hold her breath or tense up too much.

When I got there I had to go the bathroom (lol) really bad, she went thru another contraction and I thought I had a second to run in there. I got to the other side of the bed and she had another one coming. They were even closer. When she got there at 6:05, she was between 5-6. She said something felt different and that she had to pee. They checked her again, she was between 7-8. Then she started to feel like she had to puke. I’m thinking that I can hardly believe it’s happening this fast again. We get her to the toilet where she get’s quiet and really relaxed for a couple of minutes. Something changes and she loudly tells us she needs to get back in the bed now, that he’s here!!”

They checked her, and said she just had a lip of cervix left. She starts saying she’s going to push. She said, “am I allowed??” She had never felt that urge w/ her 1st one. The doc wasn’t in the room yet, but the nurse said she had caught 38 babies. (!) The nurses told her to do whatever she had to do and were trying to get her into a better position and then the doc comes in. He has dad and I take a leg and push up, she pushes once, we see the head, she pushes again, the head is out, she pushes again and the body is out! All 9lbs, 5 oz of him. ) She delivered at 6:35!! (never did get to go to the bathroom…)

This mother is such an amazing mom. She worked so hard staying healthy during her pregnancy. It was tough on her at the end because of how fast her 1st birth was, none of us knew what to expect this time around. But she did an awesome job of listening to her body and her instincts. All are healthy and breastfeeding happily:) Thank you for including me in this beautiful process again!


~ by doulangel on November 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “10/28/08 birth”

  1. Beautiful birth story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! He really did come fast, didn’t he???? But your poor bladder! lol Do you think you should keep your doula bag in the car w/ you at all times?

  3. Ah, it’s a predicament, it’s heavy for 1 thing, and usually dh has the car, so it’s hard to know what to do. And honestly, most women don’t go that fast. In my contract I let them know that I need approximately an hour to get my kids taken care of and get to the hospital. But, so far, I have hardly used anything o/o it. And I knew from talking to her that I probly wouldn’t need anything from the bag. So, anyway, there you have it!

  4. awesome, I love fast labors! and your right, there are a lot of things in the bag that we don’t need, particularly if it is a speedy labor.

  5. I love the way you told it… none of mine were fast.
    Most of my friends are becoming grandparents for the 1st,
    2nd, 3rd times etc and my own children’s peers are dropping
    too. I think I spend more on baby gifts than anything else
    at the moment

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

  6. Cool! I just found myself withsin I was there…

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