a poet and didn’t know it….

So Sunday afternoon the kids were at choir practice and dh and I were going some totes in the shed. We managed to combine and get rid of some stuff and make more room in there. In all that mess, I found this little book of poetry that I had written. I remember writing it, it was always a way for me to express myself growing up. Some of it is bad, some if it is funny (i’ll share a song that ronnie and i wrote someother time!) and some of it actually pretty good. (if i do say so myself..)

Here is one that I like:

She sits, waiting for love to knock at her heart door.

She lives her life day to day, knowing there must be more.

She leaves her safe place, and looks, looks for someone.

She thinks when she finds him, she will find that certain love.

She looks in the mirror, and doesn’t see her beauty.

She goes to her door and looks again, but still, she is lonely.

She finally finds someone, and finally, her heart is broken.

She looks in the mirror one last time.

 At last she sees her beauty,

and realizes, “this beauty is mine.”


not too bad for a teenager!!


~ by doulangel on October 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “a poet and didn’t know it….”

  1. Wow! I’m impressed!!!! You are multi-talented that’s for sure!!

  2. i love poetry because it expresses one’s thoughts and feelings so well. i notice you said you found a book of poetry; perhaps an author in the future added to your doula/homeschooler/mother/wife credentials?

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