an evening away..

Going to geogrphy club, or i guess what we care calling around the world this year. My family studied China. How many of you knew that the Great Wall was actually a bunch of little walls put togther and built during different dynasties?? Anyhoo, really looking forward to this evening. Me and my kids need the interaction.

We have to take a dish from our country, I am making Fu Yong. Here is the recipie:

half lb. bean sprouts

4 beaten eggs

thin sliced green onion

1 can tuna.

drop by spoonfuls into hot oil and cook till lightly browned. Doesn’t sound good to me, but they smell good. I’ll letcha know how they go over!!

We also have to take a craft. I am taking some paper and some chinese characters for the kids to write. Should be fun!!


–well, it was fun! the kids had fun and so did dh and i. the egg fu yong was ok. i think it would be better w/ soy sauce or something.–but the kids went from one table to another learning something about each country as they did a craft. we had china, romania, india, morocco, and scotland. incidently, the food from scotland was the yummiest–:)


~ by doulangel on October 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “an evening away..”

  1. I’ll be right over. I’m freakin STARVING!!!!!

  2. sounds like a lot of fun…I miss geography club. So you are doing it different this year. Many countries in the same month and you each bring an activity and food from the country you studied? Just curious.

  3. when i was in culinary school a few years ago, my Food Science class had to do a report on a country and make a food dish. i did China and brought spring rolls as my food dish. i love egg rolls and spring rolls, and they’re pretty easy to make.

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