back to business….

Ok, so my October client is due the 22cd. She has been showing signs of early labor for over a week. She is trying hard too! I’m so proud of her, she’s in excellent shape, taking great care of herslef and her preborn.  THe hard part is that her 1st birth was not the norm. She went about 10 days post date, decided to go in hospital in the evening and try cervidil. Late into the night the doc gave her an ambien to sleep thinking they would have a long day of pit the next morning. The ambien did a great job of relaxing her. About 4 a.m. she went into go to the bathroom and started pushing. I got a call at 4:04 saying that she was at 9 cen. I speed the 20 minutes to the hospital, baby was born at 4:28 a.m. Client never felt her contractions, never had braxton hicks.

I know I’ve told her story b4. The hard part for her  right now is that she feels like she’s never given birth b4. She doens’t know what she’s going thru right now. RIght now her bodyis doing an excellent job building up tp and practicing labor. She’s had probably 3 or 4 of the signs of early labor. She is just so scared that she’s not going to know that she is really in labor and end up birthing in her living room or in the car or something. She feels stupid every time she goes into triage. We all keep assuring her that she is doing the right thing. This is a place that I’ve never been in b4 either. I keep reassuring her also. I am telling her that her body is doing exactly what it is supposed to. I am praying that we will all see the signs of when she really is in labor.

But we all know that every birth is different. This is so hard on her, one doc says she’s at this place, another says she’s here. I am just trying to encourage her that she is doing a great job growing this baby. She knows it’ll happen when it’s ready. I think these last weeks are the hardest part of pregnancy sometimes. Especially when you’ve had the kind of birth she’s had. No one knows what it was that finally sent her into labor. One nurse said, “we gave you your labor last time honey.” Not even gonna go there…..


~ by doulangel on October 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “back to business….”

  1. Well they call it “labor” for a reason!!! I wish her the best and am glad Baby held on long enough for you to go to the NKOTB concert.

    BTW, they are playing at the Tacoma Dome some time in the next few weeks.

  2. ooo joj, you should go!!
    at least do a little stalking for your old friend kris and get me some more pics!! (lol)

  3. she’s blessed to have you in her life during this time.

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