Ok, I am so irritated! For some dumb reason, I cannot figure out how to post a slide show on here!! UGH! I guess that is one place where blogger was easier than wordpress. So I guess I have to do it the old fashioned, take up was to much room way.

So, there is so much to tell you!! 1st, Ronnie and I were supposed to leave at 2-ish. Do to inevitable quirks on my part, we didn’t leave Niles till 4!! But, we were still in Chicago and seated at the Rain Forest Cafe by 6. Can you believe that? Our trip was riddled w/ problems. But I think we handled it really, really well. If something went wrong, we laughed, if something went right, we laughed, if nothing was happening, we were laughing. Track back a second, if you’ve never been to a Rain Forest Cafe and there are any close to you, go. It’s a little pricey, but share your meal and enjoy yourself. There is a “thunderstorm” every 20 minutes, the lights blink, it get’s really noisy and the animals move every 10 minutes. There are fish tanks everywhere. I can’t wait to take my kids back there. But when we walked into the cafe there is this huge snake hanging down, which I didn’t see, and it moves, which I didn’t know and my bff didn’t warn me about. I about jumped o/o my skin!!

So we left the cafe and went around the corner to the Hard Rock. I was going to buy dh a gift there, but didn’t see anything he’d really luv. Ronnie get’s the idea to walk, “a few blocks this way,” to The Hershey store. It was more like 10 Chicago blocks. Turned o/ to be a nice walk, but it was funny. Walked back to the car, where we had to pay $17 for parking!! Which we paid for in rolled coins, the parking guy appreciated that… and went “home.” “Home” was Ronnies cousins place.  Really nice house. We each had our own room. Her cousin was too good to us. We were pretty tired when we got it, but we stayed up and chatted for awhile.

The next day I was supposed to get in touch w/ a fellow nkotb fan that  I had met online who was apparently really good at finding our boys. Ronnie and I had to make a quick run to Target, which happened to be across the street from the arena. As we drive by the arena we see 6 large busses parked out back and about 15 women standing near the fence that was set up to keep everyone o/o the lot. I call my pal, who says she’s just gotten there and is on the other side of the lot. We made out little trip and found my pal and hung o/ for a few minutes when Joe comes out. We had so much fun getting to know all these other women. It was funny one of them laughed at me when I referred to them as women instead of girls. I said, “well, we’re not teenagers anymore!” A little while latter Donnie came out and signed autographs, gave his “face time,” and took pictures. He was really sweet. He went down the whole line. He was talking on peoples cell phones to hubby’s telling them their wives were behaving themselves, it was funny.

Ronnie and I left there and went to lunch, tried to find someplace so she could find a new pair of jeans, b/c guess where she had him sign!? No, not her bum, her knee! Altho one of the other ladies had him sign her t-shirt-erm-in her breast area…..but anyhoo, we were bushed so we went home! We laughed b/c if that had happened 15 years ago we never would have been ready for naps!! We’re getting old!

We went home, called everyone we could think of to tell them we met Donnie Wahlberg and chilled out. Get back in the car to drive the 20 minutes to the arena, we’re about 2 blocks away in heavy traffic when Ronnie says, “is that our car?” I didn’t notice anything. We sit and sit and then she points o/ my window where a limo driver is trying to get our attention to tell us we have a flat tire. In Chicago, concert traffic, not 30 minutes from the time our concert is supposed to start. We get a break when we see that on our left is the hotel right next to the arena and there is no traffic coming. We have to jet across and kind of in the wrong direction but we do it, and we make it. Thankfully. We park in restricted parking, she runs in to ask if we can leave it till the concert is over and then we’ll take care of it. The lady was great, said we wouldn’t get towed. So we walk to our concert, which btw, if we hadn’t had a flat tire we would’ve had to pay $20 for parking at!! (ridiculous)

We loved the show, it was great! It was a mix of the old and the new. The whole audience sang along w/ the old songs, and they did them up really well. Sometimes artists are so ready to move on that they breeze thru the old stuff, but they didn’t do that. The mixed them a little, but not in any weird kind of way like I’ve seen done. It was about an hour and half show, completely worth my husbands hard earned money:) Oh, and Natasha Beddingfield opened for them. She is my new addiction. I only have one of her cd’s Pocket Full of Sunshine, but I luv it!!

Ok, so, we leave the concert, walk slowly, b/c well, we’re older and tired oh! and hard of hearing, back to our car where her bro had told her to just “air up” the tire. Could it be that easy?? No, not on  this trip! We air it up, it ssssssss back down. She calls bro, (it was his awesome on gas mileage little thingy that we took) b/c I am now set that there is a donut in this car somewhere, I dig till I find it and assure her that we don’t need any man, we are women and we can change this tire on our own!! Which we did. Got the donut on and head out. See a McD’s are dying of thirst, and realize that we haven’t eaten since 3 pm, it’s not almost 1 am, head thru the drive thru where we order a small fry, a bottle of water, a double cheese burger and an ice tea. We receive gross fries and disgusting tea. Of course, b/c it is this trip that we’re on.  Ah well…we made it safely home.

In the morning her cousin gives us directions to a Good Year that should be open even tho it’s Sunday. We head out. And get lost. We stop for gas and get more directions. We see the Good Year, the dark, Good Year. Yes, it’s closed. Remember, it is this trip. Thankfully there is a Fire Stone, and OPEN Fire Stone across the street. $80 latter, we have a brand new tire. Now we find a wal mart to dump our pics on, and we wait in line, and wait in line, and wait some more. B/c the lady in front of us has like 200 pics that she is dumping onto not 1, but 2 disks. Have you ever seen how long it takes those blasted machines to do this??!! We finally leave there, w/ no pics b/c we decided it would probly be cheaper in Niles, but we have the disks. We go to lunch and head home, where it is now rush hour and raining. Of course. I was beginning to think that our trip might not be complete if it hadn’t rained at least once.

So that was our trip!!! I’m sure you didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as we did, oh, did I mention all the merging we did along the way?? And that the lane we ended up in was named “Skank??” w/ a very interstingly shaped “A”?? anyhoo, thanx for indulging me!!

ok, just a couple more things for those of you who aren’t on facebook, thursday my oct client and i spent 3 hours in triage b/c she thought she might be in labor. after much discussion and no progress, she tells me to go ahead and go. i decided that if she didn’t progress at all on friday i would. (she’s not due for another 2 weeks) she calls me 2x while i’m there!! once to tell me she’s fine, once to tell me she thinks her water has broke(!) thankfully, we are still babyless…. oh, and some where along the way, we lost a hubcap…..


~ by doulangel on October 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “chi-town!!”

  1. […] doulangel wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAltho one of the other ladies had him sign her bt/b-bshirt/b-erm-in her breast area…..but anyhoo, we were bushed so we went home! We laughed b/c if that had happened 15 years ago we never would have been ready for naps!! We’re getting old! b…/b […]

  2. omg please tell me you took a picture of the skank lane! Your story is hilarious and I am sure that although you had so many challenges along the way, you got pictures with DONNY!

    It’s totally your fault I’m going to attend the concert in Fort Lauderdale! I am going early to see if I have the same luck you did.

  3. yey! i’m so glad you’re going!! no, i didn’t think to take a picture of the skank lane until we were past it, but it was so funny! underneath skank, it said sleaz!!

  4. THAT WAS SOOO AWESOME!! (Wish we could do it again, minus the flat tire and getting lost…)
    I GOT A HUG FROM DONNIE!!!! : ) (HUGE grin!!)

  5. What an AWESOME trip!!! What happened on your adventure is the stuff of great stories, and this is a great story. I’m glad you got to meet Donnie tho’. I guess this trip really exceeded your expectations! ;P

  6. WOW wish my trips were as exciting! Great pics, glad you had such a fantastic time!

  7. What a great trip! You must feel refreshed and happy.

  8. thanx everybody!! we did have so much fun!! and it was really nice to get away from town for a bit:)

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