little of this, lot’s of that…

This is one of those nights when I have so many things that I’d like to post about, they should be all different posts which of course won’t happen, so, ah well. As I stated to some of my blogging buddies at one of my fave blogs that I never seem to have time to visit anymore, “darn homeschooling getting in the of my blogging again!!”

But seriously, teaching is going well. I can’t complain. The kids are doing great. We have a little routine that seems to be working for us now. Last month my mil prepared curriculum for our 1st month to get us started. As of tomorrow, I am on my own. I have Sis’ ready for the next 10 school days. FINALLY figured o/ Zac’s today. His took me hours, hours I tell you (of course so did sis’ but for different reasons) but Zac’s is totally different than hers. His grammar, vocabulary, reading and spelling all come o/o one book. It’s all based on what he’s reading, which right now he’s ready Shiloh. I just had yet to figure o/ the set up. But w/ some help from the leader of our fabulous homeschool group, I got it today. Haven’t even touched Zai’s. But his is pretty simple and I will work on it as they are working tomorrow. (at the same time as i help them, catch up laundry, shower, make breakfast, lunch, get dinner o/, sweep my kitchen floor and do my dishes…) (AHHH!!!) ok, sorry, it get’s to me sometimes and this is where I get to let it out!!

I had my 1st counceling experience last night at the center. I think it went well. I was a little nervous but I had a really sweet couple who are totally in love w/ their baby so that made it easier.

and btw–friday, Ronnie and I are leaving for Chi-town to see our NKOTB in concert!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. This week is absolutely dragging by…………we are gonna have so much fun it’s a girls weekend, how can we not!? I was on a message board and some of those girls have bought those outrageously expensive vip passes (that I would never spend my husbands hard earned money on) and other girls were complaining about not having passes. I was like, “get over it. i am going w/ my life long bff and fellow new kid lover for the weekend, i don’t have a vip pass, i don’t even have that great of seats, but we’re going to this concert and we’re gonna scream our heads off and have an awesome weekend!!” (quitcher whinnin..)

so, 2 days left!!!!!!!! woot! woot!

This little nkotb reunion has brought up all of our old memories. It’s so much fun. But it got me to thinking about the other concerts I went to. I went to Chicago 2x, Indy 1, the Indiana state fair grounds 1, and then they came to SouthBend 1. The thing is, we never went w/ adult supervision. We were teenage girls for cryin’ out loud! I would never let me daughter, or my sons go o/o town w/o an adult. Much less to a secular concert. What were our parents thinking??!!

Still working on the birth story, I have their permission now, but 1) no time 2) still working it all o/ in my head. There is just so much of it and how do I write it all down??


~ by doulangel on October 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “little of this, lot’s of that…”

  1. I hope you can still go on your trip though, in light of the news that your client is in labor…..

  2. lol, have fun at your concert… really how can you not! I was at the young end of the NKOTB band wagon, but I did have some of the dolls, and I’m pretty sure a pillowcase was in there somewhere, your going to have a blast!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend Kris! Love to you and all the family. xx

  4. Thing is, Kris, most teachers can reuse a lesson year after year with each new class that comes through. Certainly for your youngest, unless you have some more kids, you’ll never use that lesson again. You have to keep on reinventing the wheel.

  5. hi Kris, home schooling sounds like so much fun. i know, work too, but at least you get to do it on your own schedule, and i’ve heard from others that it gets easier as time goes on.

    pics are up of the grandtwins. i’ll probably leave them for about a week, then take them down.

    enjoy your concert and girls weekend out. i’m going to see michael w. smith at the end of this month, and so looking forward to it.

  6. can’t wait to hear about the concert and girls weekend….
    I have tagged you

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