I need some practical advice from experienced doulas here. I have a new friend who has 2 kids, the oldest is 14 months, the younger is about 15weeks. She is struggling. I knew this as we got to know each other a bit more. I started calling, and stopping by and praying. We have started taking walks together, just to get her o/o the house. I believe she has a little ppd. I was just thinking, what can I really DO for her? I was thinking about taking her some good, healthy dinner, I’ve watched the babies for her so she can run to the store. But what else??

Another question. I am sick. My client is due, today. If she follows suit, we’ve got a few days yet. But I have a  cough and a runny nose. Aren’t you contagious b4 you feel sick? So what do you do as a doula? Take medicine so you’re not symptomatic? Or call your back up??

On another note, as much as I HATE Michigan State, I have to give them props for the closing of yesterdays game. Did you see it?? I didn’t actually watch most of the game. It was too painful. But I heard they took a knee on the field and prayed.  so, *snaps* to them, see, I’m not afraid to give credit where credit is due, even if it is to those wretched Spartans…..


~ by doulangel on September 21, 2008.

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  1. I would encourage your friend to be open to talking to a counselor as well, and the counselor might be able to refer her on if that’s what she needs. For your cold, I guess it depends on how miserable you are and how it would impact your level of performance. I had a wicked summer cold and if I had gotten a call, I’d have called my backup.

  2. i think i did suggest that she talk to her doc about the ppd. have to ask her (i’ve slept since then!!)

    i really don’t feel that bad, i feel like i’m up to the job, i just don’t want any of them to worry about me spreading germs you know??

  3. I had ppd after #3, and here are the best things anyone did for me:
    – watch the kids and tell me to “go take a nap/go shopping/go on a date”
    – clean my house
    – drop by with food
    – pray for me
    – push me to see a nurse/counsellor who specialized in ppd (who helped me understand the ins and outs of meds, and ultimately helped me decided what was right for me).

    As for the cold, if I was your client and I had to choose, I’d rather be exposed to some germs (which I’d probably already been exposed to anyway) and keep the doula I know and love. 🙂

  4. Maybe she’d feel more comfortable at first talking to her pastor?

    At first I was thinking that maybe you should call the back up doula in case your client delivers right away. But after reading ET’s comment above, I agree. Women have been having healthy children time out of mind when conditions weren’t their most sanitary.

  5. hmmm.. if she is openly talking to you – keep walking and keep talking. Those are two of the things a counselor would tell her to do. Giving her a highly nutritious meal and recommending some mother’s wort to help balance her day out (consider trying it yourself so you can honestly say something to the effect of ‘man, when I am having one of those days, I take motherwort and…’). Depending on the counselor’s POV with homeopathy and nutrition, they may recommend those two things as well.

    I also agree with ET – if you still have a cold by the time she goes into labor, ask her what she wants. I think she will probably choose to have you there, but then again, I am one of those moms who are not afraid of a little germ or dirt, or etc…

  6. As long as I feel up to it, I go ahead with the birth. If I’m symptomatic, I take meds to cover it up so I don’t make anyone feel worried, and am extra diligent about hand-washing etc.

    Last week I had just gone on call for a teen Mom I’ve known since she was a girl, and pretty much BEGGED God every night for her to not go into labour because a back-up doula wasn’t what she wanted but I didn’t think I could even drag myself out of bed I felt so awful. A week passed, I felt better, and she went into labour early in the morning – I was home again just a couple hours after bedtime. It all works out they way it needs to. 🙂

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