I know it’s been so long I probably lost the few readers I had(!) But anyhoo, we lost Scott’s grandma on Friday morning. I hate saying it like that, she left us, that feels better. She is in her glorious, eternal, heavenly home w/ her Lord and saviour. I have had this on my mind alot. Not b/c any of us were particularly close to her, but for alot of reasons. Sis has been affected by it the most I think. This is the closest death has come to her. We have lot’s of talks about it. And I am so glad that this 1st death for her was that of a Christian. We do believe strongly in eternal heaven and hell. The other night Sis prayed that her great grandma would come back to life. So that started it off. We had this big talk about her spirit and her earthy body and alllll that stuff. It’s kind of hard to explain that on a 5 yo level. But I think she finally got it. The viewing was last night and Sis kept going up the casket. She had a hard time saying goodbye to her.

School has been kind of weird the last few days. Dh got time off of work for his grandmas funeral and having him home has just been, well to be honest, and I know some of you will get this, disruptive. My kids flourish best on a regular schedule. They are creatures of habit. And w/ him here they think it’s like vacation time or something. And he wants to help, which is great, but it still changes everything.

I don’t know it I ever told you how my nose ring healed. It did ok, but I have had a few issues w/ it. 1st I changed it too soon and had to almost repierce it myself, that hurt ALOT, then a couple of times as I was washing my face the wash cloth yanked it half way out, talk about shooting pain(!), then after all that abuse, it protested by giving me a keloid, which is an ugly bump next to it. I asked my neighbor and she told me how to treat it and that worked really well, really fast. So I finally get it all nice and completely healed, and I injured it again the other day. I was getting in the shower the other morning and apparently my daughter had used and ungodly amount of shampoo when she washed her hair the night b4 and left the bottom of the shower nice and slippery. I did a nice face dive straight into the wall as the one leg that was in slid across the shower. My face actually bounced off the window sill and slammed back into the wall. I busted my nose and it tore the whole around the ring just slightly, but enough to really irritate it. It was all infected looking. I was going to take it out and clean it, but I just couldn’t take it, it hurt too much. So I used some various things on it and it’s finally calmed down.

My face?? I have some pretty purples and greens and even a little babypoop yellow!! I actually got a goose egg on my forhead, bruised my cheek, my leg, and my knee. Zac saw the goose egg and said, “ya I’ve had one of those b4. ” I said, “ya, but adults aren’t supposed to get them!!” How embarassing, thankfully, it’s not too dark:)


~ by doulangel on September 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “updates…”

  1. I once gave myself a shiner moving a chair. I was pretty embarrassed, and my hubby (boyfriend of 4 months at that time) did NOT help. We went to my parents’ for supper, and my mom gasped and exclaimed and fussed…my dad asks Pat what happened. Pat’s answer, “well, she was talking when she should’ve been listening.” It’s a good thing my dad has the same dumbass sense of humour as my husband, or he might not be my husband!

  2. lol!! i told my dh i’d have to tell people my hubby was beating up on me!!

  3. LOL, don’t worry, thats how I look after sparring. ussually I just fight my dad and brothers, because they have better control than the lower rank students, but I typically have bruises up and down my forearms (from blocking)… once in a while they kick fast, and I don’t block … try explaining all your bruises are from your dad and brothers… although your story sounds much more painful than mine… mine is typically enjoyable… hope the bruises heal quickly.

  4. You have NOT been having fun. Poor love.

  5. I’m so sorry for your slip in the tub!!!! You are lucky you weren’t injured much worse.

    Thank you for not blogging about that dream I told you about the other day!!! LOL!!!!

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but overjoyed to think Grandma is where we all long to be!

    So sorry about your shiner too! Ugh – not fun. Yeah, I have issues every once in awhile with mine too and have had mine for over 9 months now.

  7. wow, Kris, i’m glad you weren’t hurt worse. hope you have a quick recovery. that’s why i always use a bath mat or towel to stand on. been there, done that.

    i’ve thought about a nose piercing before. i think it’s so cool, but i hate pain. ouch! i do have 3 holes in each ear though.

    i’m sorry to hear about your husband’s grandmother’s passing, and as you said, “she’s in her glorious, eternal Heaven. may you all be comforted.

    homeschooling is nice in that you’re on your own time schedule. the children can even do work in their pajamas! my kind of class.

  8. Condolences to your family, and sorry to hear you hurt yourself. However, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who skids around in the shower after someone else has washed their hair! be well soon.

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