Well we had our 1st week of mommy teaching. I learned alot. I learned that my kids have managed to manipulate their grandmother into not pushing them to their potential. I learned that teaching 3 kids at 3 levels is more doable than I thought. I learned that I have more fun ideas than I have time in the day to do. I learned that my 9 yo is reading really well and I’m so proud of him(!)

So far our typical day is getting up about 7:30-8, getting dressed, breakfast, maybe a chore or 2, doing devotions, and starting school by no latter than 9. We work till about 10-10:30, then have a break, I take a shower, the kids have a snack and I try to make sure they do something calm, like looking at books or drawing, but half the time they end up wrestling or something like that.

We get back to work and work till about 12 or 1. Then we have lunch, and they go outside and play. Here is where I take a breath. I eat lunch, and do something mindless like email and read blogs.

We work till we’re done, sometimes about 2, sometimes latter, depends on how slowly they decide to work. The only really hard thing I’ve had to deal with is my daughters temper. So please, any of you praying parents, pray for me and her. She is absolutely driving me insane. She put’s so much stress into my day.

Nothing too exciting. We are studying China and my plan is to have them all make lapbooks of various difficulty levels, and make part of the Great Wall o/o sugar cubes, then enter them all into our homeschool groups history fair. RIght now we are gathering facts.


~ by doulangel on September 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “homeschooling..”

  1. Sounds like a good structured environment to me!!! So sis is acting up, eh? I guess she is realizing she can’t get away w/ as much w/ you as her teacher than her grandmother. I’m glad your son is doing better with reading too.

  2. You see, the good thing about being a teacher is YOU GET TO SEND THEM HOME AT THE END OF THE DAY!

    You don’t have that…

  3. You are far braver than me, my friend. I have endless patience with other people’s children, my own make me crazy. I feel very lucky that we live in an excellent (pretty conservative) school district. If we didn’t I would have sent them to private school.

  4. val-sometimes i think you’re just mean!!

  5. That temper thing is tough. I am waiting on some wonderful advice from a wise and gifted mother regarding the temper issue. I’ll email it to you when I get it from her…share the wealth, so to speak. You want me to?

  6. Ty-YES!! PLEASE!!! I am running o/o ideas. and the only advice I get now adays is “be consitant.” I am, but it’s not phasing her a bit.

  7. I thought it was quite a positive remark. Feels like it to me 😉

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