a little bit if healing goes a long way….

vbac- vaginal birth after cesarean…for my faithful vdo loving friends who endure the birth lover in me:)

Recently I have had a few times when I’ve realized that I still have a hard time with the fact that I had 3 c/s. I especially have a hard time w/ the 1st one. It was far from traumatic, but still not easy to deal with b/c if I had known now what I know then, it wouldn’t have happened.

I have, also recently, read a couple of things that were helpful. One was something I read at Enjoy Birth Blog. She wrote about making a list of 10 positive things about her c/s. I am working on that list, and it really is changing the way I feel about it. Another thing was something that happened the other night. Since my computer was down for almost a week, I found myself doing things that I haven’t done in ages. One was writing in my journals. I got a couple of them out and was reading things from the past. I found myself reading about Zai’s birth. One thing I wrote in there was that I had prayed about if I should try for a natural birth, or just schedule the surgery. (this was waayyy b4 the doula years) I asked my doc, who is a reputable and fairly popular doc all the way around in this area, if she thought I could do it, b/c let’s face it, who wants to labor just to end up w/ a section?? Her response was, “no, you’re too small inside.” I took her word for it and we scheduled the surgery for 4 days b4 my edd. The thing is, in my journal, I wrote that I had prayed that if the Lord wanted me to have a natural birth then He was going to have to send me into labor b4 my date, if that happened, I would go for the vbac. (this was also 7 years ago, when caregivers still did them)

I don’t know why I haven’t remembered that when I needed it recently. But somehow, that little prayer makes me feel better. I know God has a purpose for everything, and I have been told a couple of times that my birth stories can help other women. Hearing that helps too. You always want to think that the hard stuff you go thru can somehow help others, that it’s not in vain. It makes me more sympathetic to women who have had c/s, it also inspires me to work harder to prevent them.

So, in honor of inspiration and healing, a successful vbac video! (it says it’s 6 minutes, but it’s actually only 4.)…


~ by doulangel on September 1, 2008.

9 Responses to “a little bit if healing goes a long way….”

  1. Hey Kris,
    Good to have you back! 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that your playlist sticks out way over your blog posts, so it’s currently sitting on the centre of this video. I hate “formatting” issues, lol.

  2. thanx for letting me know, i’ll take it off. on mine it only shows up half way.

  3. Hello! Do you think you and dh will try for another baby someday, so that you can undergo v/b?

  4. first, The only positive things I can think of from my c/s are my baby was born, and I was so high I didn’t care that I was having surgery… to find 10?
    second, JoJo asks a great question! you can have a VBA3C, it’s been done 🙂

  5. ya, i have a dream baby……but dh had a vesectomy 4 years ago……

  6. Well, the Big V can always be reversed…. 😉 If his sperm is still viable, you could also do invitro.

    I feel so bad for you though…you clearly are bothered to this day about the C/S births; it’s clear you so badly want to experience at least one V/B.

  7. joj-the reversal isn’t covered by insurance. haven’t looked into the other yet.

  8. hi Kris, very professional blog.

    sometimes drs know how to write things up so that it’s not a lie, yet it can be covered by your insurance. my last birth which was regular birth was so unforgettable with pain, pain, and more pain that i never had any more, but if i did, i might have gone the C section way. i’m saying that now ’cause i know it’ll never happen.

  9. is your time stamp wrong ’cause it’s only 1:45pm here?

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