I have to apologize. For months I had been getting invitations to join facebook and kept turning them down b/c I already have myself o/ there on so many sites. I finally gave in and set it up and have been really enjoying it:) Thus, neglecting my blog.

This is what I’ve been thinking about this morning. I met a young soon to be mother the other day. She surprised me by saying that she wanted to birth w/o drugs. We didn’t have much time to talk but I managed to ask her who her caregiver was and she is going to a doc that is fairly hands off. I also asked her if she had a support person, someone besides her partner, she doesn’t, and she wasn’t sure if he was up to it. This morning I was thinking of her, wishing I could see her again. If I bumped into her, what could I say in a few minutes that would really help her?

My 1st thought was to tell her to try to relax thru her contractions. I also thought about telling her to practice relaxing at home b4 her time came. I pictured one of us being rushed and me trying to get in,  to drink alot and go to the bathroom alot, change positions often, swaying, telling her which positions are optimal…..I wanted to ask her what books she was reading, why she had made this decision, tell her not to give up to soon. I wanted to give her some tools to help her on this, possibly the biggest adventure she may ever face… I wish there was some way I could find out how it turns out.

She also said she wanted to breast feed. Another surprise. But she said she didn’t know anyone who had actually been successful at it. That is so sad, but often the case. I hope she has success.

I wish her all the best, pray success for her and her baby…..


~ by doulangel on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “sorry…..”

  1. Wow, sounds like that young lady needs a support system in her life. Her partner “isn’t up to it”????? That’s bogus. He was “up” for getting her pregnant but doesn’t want to follow thru?

    I hope you see her again. That’s the perfect opportunity to give out one of your business cards; not necessarily for her to hire you b/c she probably can’t even afford that, but at least so that she could call you with questions. I know that you’d help in any way you can w/o expecting to be compensated. She clearly needs someone to lean on. How far along is she?

  2. Poor girl, hope everything works out for her. Maybe you will run into her again.

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