Some of you know that I collect bears. Bears of all shapes and sizes. I have quite a collection of teddy bears, most have been in storage for years. Dh recently made me a shelf that runs along the length of one of our living room walls. As I’m getting some of them out and cleaning them Sis is just so excited. She asks me what all their names are. It went some thing like this….

sis: “what’s this one named?”

mom: “that one is jonathan.”

sis: “and this one?”

mom: “that would be donnie.”

sis: “aww, he’s cute, what’s his name?”

mom: “ohh, he’s my favorite. that’s danny.”

sis: “what’s his name?”

mom: “well his name is danny too.”

sis: “2 danny’s?”

mom: “ya i have quite a few danny bears.”

So of course I am all over this reunion and have some pics on my computer. Dh peaks over my shoulder the other day and asks me, “So which one was your favorite??”  I pretend I’m circling Danny, he asks me what his name is. I tell him, just waiting for it. “Oh, so now I know why you have so many bears named Danny…” I smile shyly…


~ by doulangel on August 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “nkotb”

  1. I
    I think my boys were little when these guys were popular. I was so busy and exhausted all the time, I never listened to much music or even read any books. That’s all changed of course. FPM left for college today and hubby went with. Ashley said, “Mom, I like it being just you and me.” That’s my ‘baby’ at age 12 and a half! Hubby will be gone for 10 days on a solo motorcycle trip. TestCase works late, but he called and said he’d be straight home after work so me and Ash don’t have to be alone all night. We’ll be asleep when he gets here, but it’s really sweet that he cares.

  2. LOL!!!! That’s so cute that you named your bears after NKOTB.

  3. Busted!

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