i’m bummed..

Wednesday was Zac’s 9th birthday. I don’t even want to talk about how big and old he is getting and how all day all I could think of was his actual birth-day and how tiny (9 lbs 13 oz) he used to be and what a cute toddler he was and…….

So I’ll just get to to day. I offered to take him and some friends bowling for his birthday. He opted for this huge wooden park in South Bend called Kids Kingdom. It’s designed like a castle and is a great park. It has tunnels and bridges and hide o/’s and is all around fun. And hey, it’s also free(!) All week the weather has predicted about 78 degrees w/ scattered clouds. Today? An hour b4 we are ready to leave, we got scattered SHOWERS. So we make the desicion to go to Burger King b/c at least it has an indoor play place. And guess what?? It hasn’t rained since. It has in fact, been bright and sunny. I couldn’t get ahold of the in laws to let them know about the change of plans so they never found us. They felt bad they missed his party, I felt even worse.

I had also planned on some family time after words w/ us renting Nims Island. Do you think there was one to rent on the whole WALL of the rental store?? No.

All in all, I think he had a pretty good night, he did get into a little bit of trouble, which makes the night feel even worse for me, I hate having to discipline them on their special days. They get over it fairly quickly, but I feel like the worlds meanest mom all night. He did really enjoy everyone who showed up and I was right on w/ the gifts that I bought for him. (susan you would be proud, i actually bought the kid a michigan shirt. can’t believe i spent my hard earned $ on that!!) and he liked the movie we ended up w/.

it just seems like such a bummer of a night, rain, burger king (which i hate!) the movie, the inlaws,the disciplining….it’s a good thing kids are resilient b/c i am not feeling it. oh, and the same thing happend on Zai’s b-day too…..


~ by doulangel on August 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “i’m bummed..”

  1. As long as he had a good day, and all the right intentions were there. No-one can predict the weather if my experiences following the forecasts are anything to go by 🙂

  2. Exactly what Val said. Up here, in WA, no one lets a little pesky rain get in the way of activities; if it ever happens again, just go and dance in the rain. You guys can always plan to go to that other cool place on another day.

  3. aw. you know, im sure ive been disciplined on my birthdays as well. trust me, they dont remember it. honestly, i cant even remember my birthdays from when i was a kid… lol. dont beat yourself up over it, he apparently had a great time. 🙂

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You are an awesome Mom who planned great stuff. More importantly, you improvised well! As for the discipline thing – good for you. It’s easy to let things slide on special days, then everyone pays for that lack of consistency for a week. (With my kids, I find they like to test me out on special days just to see if I might let them get away with more.)

  5. I KNOW I was disciplined on my birthdays….it’s never been a banner day for me. I’ve spent more b-days in tears than otherwise, esp. when I was a kid. I was always sick w/ bronchitus on my b-day, and I was tired and cranky w/ my friends at my parties and usually threw a fit if someone touched one of my presents. Needless to say, I had no more “parties” with other children after the age of 8. Only my aunt & uncle would come up for dinner, and my cousins too, once they moved to the Cape. “Family parties” we called them.

  6. Yeah, he already forgot about anything you are worried about (but I do understand how you feel)!

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