oh. this again….

i think i’m pms-ing. i woke up grumpy this morning. i also woke up w/ a pinched nerve in my back. and of course it would happen on a saturday when the chiropractor is closed(!) grrrr…. i was making coffee this morning asking myself why i am grumpy. oh. ya. that is coming. dh walked the kids down to the river fest to watch the raft races. sorry, it’s supped to be 88 here today. i’m staying in my air conditioned house thank you very much.

pretty sure our doula meeting for tomorrow flopped. there were supposed to be 5 doulas and then a few other birth professionals, and all but 3 of us cancelled. and i spent the whole afternoon debating. it would cost me alot in gas and on a week that i paid my house payment and paid the 2cd hlaf of dhs glasses off. hopefully we can reschedule it soon. plus i am supposed to do my 1st set of classes tomorrow evening and i didn’t want to be gone allll day.

i don’t know if i told you guys, but dh and i had 2 cc’s that we paid off this spring w/ our tax refund check. one of them we got all sorts of paperwork saying that it was paid and the account was closed and we were all good. the other i have been fighting w/ since february. i keep getting bills. i have talked to a local branch manager, i have called customer service 100x, i have yelled, i have cried, dh even went into the branch to talk to someone. no one seems to be able to help. finally one lady from a local branch looked into it, said it was paid off and herself typed up a little letter, said we shouldn’t get any more bills after may. we’ve gotten 2. last month dh copied the letter and sent it in w/ the bill. we got another one. monday i happened to be talking to someone and i mentioned our issue, she gave me the name of another branch mananger that had worked really hard for her to help her resolve an issue, so i called her thursday. she sounded really nice and said she would “research it” and call me back by the end of next week. this has been a nightmare. it started w/ me just calling asking for something in writing from them and has turned into this huge mess. we’re trying so hard to clean our credit up and they are fighting us every step of the way.

ok, sorry, didn’t mean to vent all over you, i did warn you i had pms tho!!


~ by doulangel on August 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “oh. this again….”

  1. Things like that REALLY p*** me off. I could give lots of examples from my own experience, but that wouldn’t help you, except to show I know exactly how you feel.

  2. Love the new format. Very 60’s looking.

    As to your credit card, definitely fill out an online form with your state’s attorney general, or with the attorney general in whatever state the card originates from. They WILL intercede on your behalf. I’ve done it twice, once I complained to the Ohio Atty Gen over an eBay dispute, and the other time was to the Rhode Island Atty Gen over a catalog order I didn’t receive b/c the company went belly up after cashing my check. I received help w/in 2 weeks of my complaint.

  3. I hope your back feels better 🙂

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