I’m sure you’ve all noticed my small tribute to the start of the Notre Dame football season here. I can feel it in the air. I am so excited I’ve started having dreams about it! I have heard that they are not expected to win much this year, something I refuse to believe! And some of you know that I was so disappointed that we lost so many of our best players last year. But I have faith in this team and in Weiss and in the tradition of Notre Dame football! I can’t believe we only have 14 days left!!!!


you know you’re the son of a doula when……

after studying the digestive system and making your own small intestine o/o yarn, buttons and construction paper, you proudly announce to your dad that you’ve made a uterus!!

Zac did this last year and we were talking about it last night in the car. It was hilarious, he called it a uterus all day. We could not get that word o/o his head. He knew it was a digestive track, but every time he talked about it he called it a uterus. Hubby & I latter said that maybe we discuss female anatomy a little too much around our house. (is that possible?) and of course mil was completely embarrassed every time he time said it (hehe)


~ by doulangel on August 18, 2007.

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