kid bits-ripe for the pickin’

The other day Za-man says to me “Mom, when’s your next birth gonna be?” I was just about to tell him that mommies not having anymore babies when I realized what he was talking about. He wanted to know when my next birth as a doula was. Makes me so happy that the kids are getting this. They are interested in it and supportive.

Then sis was playing with one of her babies, which was a surprise to me b/c she has never been a baby doll girl. She has always been into the animals, but not babies. She is cradling her and she says, “I just had this baby in the hospital.”

Well, you know part of a doulas job is to make sure a woman has all her options , so I tell her, “Did you know that you can have babies at home too?” She looks at me intently, then looks back at her baby, she has to think about this.

“Why do people have babies in their houses?”

“Well, it’s much more comfortable. You can have your baby in your own bed with all your own comfy things and your family around.” That was all she needed.

She cradles her baby closer to her and as she walks away she says “I had my baby at home mom.”

Can’t tell you how I loved having that conversation! We’ve also talked about nursing and how babies come out and allll that stuff. And it’s not that I bring it up, they ask questions and I answer. Good stuff:D


~ by doulangel on August 16, 2007.

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