Well, I did it, I went w/ Ronnie last night and saw Bourne again. It was just so good! And hey, at our little theater in town, Monday nights are 2 for $5! How can you beat that? How could I say no? So we put our kids to bed and went to the late show. I luved it just as much this time as I did Friday night.

Only Jason Bourne can ko 5 men in 3 seconds flat, walk in and out of crowds unseen, drive cars off buildings backwords, shoulder his bag and walk calmly away(!)

Jojo sent me this great little article. I love the q & a format of it and thought it was worth sharing with you all. Maybe it will give you a little more of an idea of what I do.

A buddy for birthing – What doulas do
LINDA DIPROPERZIO; The Nest (www.thenest.com)

A birth doula is a labor assistant who helps the mother before, during and just after childbirth. She provides physical support during labor (including soothing backrubs and more X-rated rubs to ease pain and stress – sorry, guys, those are just for the mom!).
Doulas also dish out emotional and informational support. A doula will also provide advice on the use of drugs during delivery – and although she will usually recommend natural childbirth, she won’t pressure moms-to-be into drug-free labors. And, unlike medical staff, the doula will stay at the mother’s side for the duration of the birth. Yes, even for the marathon labors.
Yes! A doula isn’t trained to perform clinical functions such as vaginal exams, heartbeat monitoring, drug administration and so on – so she can’t replace the hospital’s medical staff during delivery.
While a midwife can act as a pregnant woman’s primary care provider and can deliver babies, a doula doesn’t have the training needed to provide medical care. A doula can, however, assist a midwife during labor.
A postpartum doula can also pay regular home visits (some even work for a family full-time for several months) to show mom how to take care of the new tyke. And the baby isn’t the only one that will be pampered – a doula will also make sure mom is eating right and getting plenty of sleep. There is normally a separate fee for this.
DONA International (
Dona.org) and Doula Network (DoulaNetwork.com) allow you to search for doulas in your area. Ask about:
Training. She should have taken classes in the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth, labor positions and child care. She should also have hands-on experience, so ask for details on the deliveries she’s done.
Fees. Anywhere between $200 and $2,000, depending on training and experience. Check with your health insurance to see if part of the cost is covered. Postpartum doulas charge between $12 and $40 per hour.
References. Call references and meet any prospective doulas in person. Always remember: Personality compatibility really counts when you’re in labor.

with thanx and credit to jojo and the news tribune.com

(fyi- the x-rated rubs are massaging the perinium. it helps relax the muscles and also prevents tearing..)


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