the doula chronicles…& other news

my could be client is moving closer to me(!) she will be more like 45 minutes to an hour away from me now. and we have agreed on a price. which i’m told is cheap, but do to my lack of experience i feel comfortable with it. i am seriously thinking of bartering half of it with her though. she is a photographer and we could use some new family photos:)

So one of my cousins got married last weekend. Hubby had to work, the kids didn’t want to go so they stayed with the ils and my mom and I drove out there, it was about an hour from here. It was a beautiful wedding. The reception was nice as well. But right b4 we get to eat I hear the dj say “well in the words of the groom, let’s eat!” then I hear someone say something about prayer. And I think “aw, that’s nice, they’re going to pray.” (4 those of u who don’t know, i am one of only a couple of Christians in my family) Then I also think to myself, “hmm, I wonder who they are going to have pray?” then it hit me, my heart started pounding, “oh my gosh, it’s me, he’s going to ask me(!)” seconds latter I hear it, my cousin has his hands cupped to his mouth and he yells “kristal! kristal!” I dip my head, fleetingly thinking “is there no way for me to get o/o this?? there are at least 300 people here!” I know that thought is fruitless tho and I get o/o my chair and walk up to the front. I prayed a simple prayer of thanks and blessings and made it through. I was so nervous though that I opened my eyes b4 I even said amen. And on the way back to my seat I felt my face flame as red as the shirt I was wearing.

The next day was Zac’s b-day party and I asked Hubby if he was going to pray b4 we started to eat and he says “no, I think since you’re the one with all the practice in, you should do it!” ….I was somehow not so amused by that:D


~ by doulangel on August 13, 2007.

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