tid bits & kid bits…

we went out on a date tonight!! we had a great time. didn’t have a whole lot of actual time, but anyhoo, we went to the movies and saw the new bourne movie. it was sooooo good!! i would have turned right around and paid to watch it again at the 9:00 showing if my mom would have kept the kids over night. bless her for keeping them as long as she did(!)

only jason bourne could jump through buildings- into windows, ride dirt bikes up walls, pick himself up after a car bombing and waltz right into the c.i.a. office. ah, but does he get the girl??

have any of you seen it? i won’t reveal the ending. but did you know it’s a book series? hubby & i loved the 1st two and last x-mas i was shopping for a book for my aunt (the great-grumpy one) who likes john grisham and happened across them. if i remember right there are like 5 of them. but you know, you just never know if an actor is going to sign on for a whole series like that you know? so then when we saw the preview for #3 we couldn’t wait to go see it. it was SOOO worth it! and hey, matt damon ain’t hard to look at;) i think i’m going to the library tomorrow and see if i can find any of the books…

things over heard in play:

Zac picked out a play pair of hand cuffs while shopping w/ one of his nanny’s. they were all playing in the livingroom earlier and Za-man lowers his voice and says to sis: “you’re under arrest!”

“for what?” she asks..

“for breaking the law with out asking!”

!oh, well if all we had to do was ask first!!


~ by doulangel on August 10, 2007.

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