reading with ADD…

step 1- there is the whole issue of choosing a book that we think will not overwhelm him. that is an issue all of and in itself. i try occasionally to let him choose his own. but inevitably he picks something that he will end up struggling with too much and it doesn’t end up well. so we try again and find a great book. one that i really enjoy. and am pretty sure he will be able to make it through. it’s I took the Moon for a Walk.

step 2- we start, we have to get comfortable. we have to make sure there are minimal to NO distractions. which for us is sending the other kids to the back of the house. no tv, no radio, no open windows to look out of. he starts out well. i coach him through a few words. for example: through. the illustrations in this book are really pretty i think. i luv the colors. i try to give him a moment to look at the pics b4 he starts, but have to get him to focus on the reading part you know?

step 3- we are now 1/2 of the way through the book. he is getting distracted. i get him back on base and make the mistake of tapping my fingernails on the side of my coffee mug. his head jerks to the noise. (i’m mentally kicking myself!!) “oops sorry.” now he is completely gone for a minute. i bribe him “i’ll let you have some of my coffee if you keep doing well.” he likes coffee and is excited at this. but now he has to know what kind of coffee i’m drinking. (ugh, bad idea mom!!) he stumbles through another sentence. we turn the page. i give him a few seconds to look at the pages, maybe a bad idea b/c now he has to comment on every dog on the page, there are 6 i think. “ok, ok let’s get back on track here.” also a bad comment, now he’s making train noises. “come on bubba, what’s this word?” i’m growing frustrated, but trying not to let it show.

we get to turn the page and now he is loosing his patience. he has seen how many pages he has left and is growing weary. i get him started again but then i have to shew the other kids back to their bedroom. “ok, back to the page.” he is mad that they distracted him, and now he is worried that they will mess with the toys he was playing with. back to the book. he reads a sentence and ohmygosh could it get any harder!!?? now his little game boy is going off somewhere in the house and he hears it. there is seemingly no going back to the book as we argue b/c he can’t seem to remember that he has already read the word “through” 2x in this book and then tells me that he is worried that the batteries in his game are going to die and is in tears now.

step 4-remember to breath deeply(!) i thank him for telling me why he is crying so i can understand why he is so frustrated. i try so hard to keep the lines of communication open…i show him the word “through” the other 2x in the book and try to explain to him to try to remember that word for the next time he sees it. “but it’s spelled different!” “no it’s not look,” “mom could you please just let me read and not take the book from me!?” “fine, but i was just trying to show you that the word is spelled the same.” i give him back the book. he looses the page and is again faced with all the pages he has left to read. i point out that half of them don’t have any words on them and that some of them have the same sentence that he knows but heart now “when i took the moon for a walk.” he’s not impressed.

step 5- try to keep up the positive. we get through another page. he points out all the things on that page that he likes. that’s great, i say as i point to the next word. we turn the page, in which the illustrations are shaped like a half moon and the sentences are written around it. beautiful right? but a catastrophe for a kid w/ ADD. “why do they do this? i’m gonna tell the people who wrote it not to do that anymore. i hate it when they do that.” he now has to pick up the book and turn it every which way as he reads each word.

step 6- WE’RE FINALLY DONE!! try not to look so relieved…


~ by doulangel on August 3, 2007.

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