the doula chronicles….

we have a baby!! mom and baby are doing beautifully. she had him monday evening, about an hour and half after her water broke. told ya she goes quickly;) (i would have told you earlier, but i couldn’t get into blogger)

i actually did a little work with this one(!) it was great, i got to practice some of the things that i have read about. the staff at the hospital were great, allowing mom her space and her choices w/o argument. that is something in and of itself.

there is something about that moment when a new baby slips into the world. i’ve heard some call it “sliding earth side” and i luv that. the atmosphere in the room changes. there’s a new spirit on the earth. and we were there when it came. i love the looks on the parents faces as they can’t seem to take their eyes from baby. then the looks they exchange with each other when their eyes have softened from the intensity of the moment. birth is… intense, chilling, glorious….

what was really sweet was that afternoon i had laid down with the younger kids and i hid the phone b/c our answering machine broke last week. i have one of those prepay cell phones that i put minutes on whenever a client gets close to her due date and i usually keep it right by my side until the birth. but i was exhausted that day and went into my room w/o it. #1 was watching a movie while we rested and he comes running into my room, “mom! the phone keeps ringing and ringing!”

i said “well that’s b/c it’s not hooked up to the machine anymore. just ignore it and it’ll stop.”

he wasn’t satisfied, and i wasn’t getting it. “no, mom, it’s not stopping!!”

“ok bubba, chill out!”

“but mom, what if it’s her!?”

that warmed my heart. the fact that he was thinking about her you know? and he was worried about it. so sweet! he gets this birth thing i’m telling you. so i said “well, if it’s her and she can’t get ahold of me with that phone then she will……” just then my cell starts ringing…and that was the beginning of our beautiful evening. i have to say that i am honored and humbled every time i am able to be a part of this amazing process. i enjoy every minute of it. from the time they tell me they’re expecting to the days after the birth when i get to take them dinner over and answer new born questions.

so now all i have to do is finish my bookwork. and that will be sporadic until our school year starts and we have a nice schedule to keep. then i will have quite a bit more time to work on it. i’m seeing the end in sight:D

to update you on the could be client, i am spending this week writing out a price list to give to her on saturday. that’s kind of cool in itself, never had to do that b4. i have this great book called the doula advantage and it tells you how to write up a contract for it and everything. very helpful.


~ by doulangel on August 1, 2007.

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