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i have recently come across a very cool homeschooling blogger whose post got me to thinking. it said something about how another homeschooling friend of hers had taken her 12 yo to the store w/ her during school hours and the check o/ girl said something to the effect of “oh, you’re home schooled, do you have friends??”

the ironic thing about the things that passed thru my little noggin was that o/ in public we have had very positive experiences. in fact our very 1st one went like this:

we were at the library, and #1 was playing with a kid that he had just met there. they were getting along great, just a couple of boys you know? then the boy asked him where he went to school. i held my breath, unsure of what to expect. #1 says “i’m home schooled.” the kid took that in and said “man, i wish i was home schooled.” (!) i tried to exhale w/o making a scene of myself:)

most other people we deal w/ in public are very positive and encouraging. older folks say they would too if they had to put their kids in the public school system these days. and other moms are either envious, in that they wish they could, or quite plainly tell me they don’t have the patience to do it. (we all know that i don’t really have the patience for it either!!) but that’s besides the point…

my point being, all the negative things i’ve gotten have come from my own friends and family. i’ve gotten every form of the “home schooled kids are SO antisocial” and “just make sure they get to play w/ other kids” if anything, my kids are overly socialized, in that mom pleads-could we please have one day where we just stay at home!?

it just got my mind to rolling of all the negative things i’ve gotten from the people closest to me about our homeschooling. a bit ironic isn’t it? wouldn’t you think that all those little smart comments and negative opinions would come from the clerks at the grocery store??

slight discalimer: i completely get that home schooling is not for everyone and i personally count some of the best teachers in the world as my friends…


~ by doulangel on July 28, 2007.

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