more ick….

but of course, another update: there is nothing to tell….

i found another tick on my daughters head. unbelievable right? and i know she got it from the same place. which i am soooo tempted to say she never go there again!! i had my cousins kids and had taken them all to mcdonalds to play and we had some coupons and such. sis had not let my mom brush her hair so i go at it when we get there. i was so upset. so was she b/c now she knows what’s going on. the dr.’s office couldn’t get us in for hours (!) my stomach is just turning. then as we’re on our way home i remember that my neighbor is home, she is a nurse. *oh bless* she happily took care of us. she adores sis and makes her a little treat after we’re done. God bless my neighbor!! Wanna know what my #1 son says when he hears me find the tick?? “i think this is a sign from God that we shouldn’t ever go back there again.”

i have a sore mouth. i went to the dentist for a couple of small things and complained about a tooth she filled a long time ago, but has never quite felt right. it feels too tall. so they x-ray it 3x. and she says she is going to try to adjust my bite and build up the tooth behind it b/c she has already ground the 1st one down once. ok, you’re the dentist. she filled the back one 3x, and every time she went to floss in between them it fell out. so gives up. she puts a temporary filling in both of them. but while she is doing all that work she has to put this contraption around my teeth to pull them apart and this wedge in between them, and it tore my gums up(!) not physically you know, but i had so much pain that night i was almost in tears. don’t get me wrong, i luv her, she’s great. but i was there for 3 1/2 hours!! and when i left everyone else was gone. we ran o/o time, and to top it off, my tooth still hurts…….


~ by doulangel on July 24, 2007.

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