the ick factor…

but 1st an update-no new baby, no change at all in 2 weeks. she’s 38 weeks on monday. (we think)

and the new client and i played phone tag tonight. but then i found out that she is the photographer at my cousins wedding in 3 weeks. so at least i know we’ll be able to connect there face to face. i’ll keep you updated and thank you for your encouraging words!!

ronnie was teasing me about things that i get grossed out at. you know i said i don’t like to touch money, well she was teasing me about that, and b/c i also don’t touch bathroom door handles, or like when you have to sign the credit card receipt, i don’t like to use their pens, i have my own thanx(!)

my 6 year old falls off his bike and scrapes his knee up nicely, i can hardly clean it up.

the neighbor kid puts his arm through their storm door and comes over here b/c his moms not home. we had always told them if they ever needed anything to come over, mom worked alot. …they took me up on it. (!) thankfully hubby was here. i almost passed out. he holds his arm out and i see crinkled up skin and blood dripping on my hard wood and grab the piano behind me as my head starts spinning…… “hubby someone needs you!!”

i’m doing sis’ hair the other morning and find a tick, i almost wreched. i finish doing her hair trying to stay calm and not let her know. all the while thinking “what do i do??” i knew a few things to try, but i also knew i would soon loose my breakfast if i looked any closer at it. so i call my neighbor friend who comes over with her hubby and matches. they had been told you have to use heat on them. i ask them to try alcohol 1st, which doesn’t work, then they light a match, blow it out and put it on the tick, didn’t work, try again and apparently got her head a little as she started crying, i suggest vaseline, they slather her up and i hold her. it doesn’t move. i call the dr.s office and ask if i can bring her in. they asked if i could be there in 10 minutes. i take her in and she’s fine, i explained it to her enough that she wasn’t freaking out. but then they said she couldn’t see her nurse practicioner, (whom she adores). she starts crying and doesn’t stop until we get in the van after they’re done. all they did was use these glorified tweezers and pull it out. they did say that i did the right thing with the vaseline b/c it was barely in there anymore.

but give me anything to do with birthing babies and i’m all good! all the stuff that you guys cringe at i have no problem with, blood, mucous, placentas…i actually think placentas are very amazing things. with my 1st birth as a doula the dr. asked if any of us wanted to see the placenta, so he showed me all around it. it was the 1st one i had ever seen….


~ by doulangel on July 20, 2007.

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