the doula chronicles….

no new baby news. but some other good news….

i may have a new client. a friend of a friend who wants to have a vbac. (vaginal birth after cesarean). she thinks she can do it if she has the proper support. very exciting news for me. she would be my 1st real client. the catch is she lives 2 hours from me. shouldn’t be too much of a problem. for prenatals we can meet half way. and b/c her body hasn’t actually given birth vaginally, it will just like a 1st labor for her. 1st labors are usually long. i could make it on time. i would luv to support her through this. i have actually met her a couple of times, so we’re not complete strangers. but if i feel like i can’t, i will recommend someone closer to her. i might even try to find another doula in her area for her. here’s hoping…..


~ by doulangel on July 17, 2007.

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