i’ve been tagged…..8 things that most people don’t know about me

ok, i’ve been thinking on this and it is kind of hard, b/c i am such an open person. but here goes….(and no ronnie, you don’t count b/c you know most if not all of these things!!)

1. i’ve been to 5 new kids on the block concerts (i know some of you are going to be all too happy to have something new to tease me about now)

2. i have a little ocd. one of them is that i cannot stand to have the volume on the tv on an odd number. and some people in my life LUV to pick at me about this and do it just to see if i’ll notice and watch me squirm until i get up and change it(!)

3.growing up i had a cat named chicago and a dog named stream

4. the picture on my drivers licence is 7 years old.

5. i don’t like touching money, it stinks and all i can think about are all the other hands and germs that have touched it also.

6. i collect bears of all shapes and sizes

7. i CANNOT handle people touching my nose. i can’t explain this to you, but for some reason when we were in school some of the other kids thought my nose was so cute and they just had to touch it. and now there are still a few people who know this about me and so they just have to touch it. it gives me the oddest feeling and i just HATE it. hubby swears this will be the last thing he does if i die b4 him, is touch my nose b4 they shut the lid(!)

8. although i don’t get to watch it very often, and i would never admit this to anyone if asked, but i secretly like to peek at the young & the restless!

alright that’s it! and still no baby!!


~ by doulangel on July 10, 2007.

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