I don’t know about any of you all, but blogger has been being a pain to me lately, this is the 1st time since Friday I think, that I have even been able to get into my own blog(!) And now it’s still being quirky to me. Like I can’t put anything into the title line. Anyhoo…

the doula chronicles….

still no baby, i’m hoping to go with her to her appointment wednesday. she has contractions on and off and is dilated to 6, but has been there since last week. this is very odd, she was sent home from the hospital that way b/c there is such a question about her actual due date. she is in good spirits, but ready to have this baby.

This is a poem my neice wrote. She is very expressive. She is six now, but was 4 when she wrote this. She wants her own blog, but we can’t get her mom (hint! hint!) to get the show on the road, so until then, I am going to post things for her. (i know you luv me for this nik!)

How I felt today

A field of flowers.
Purple, yellow, pink, orange, blue.
Green sky. Orange clouds.
Ground is white.
Silver dollars… and fish…
and lots of daisies.
A huge, HUGE gigantic tower.
Tons of sparkling stores and dresses,
and beautiful bows on the dresses
that were sparkling.
I felt like a cupcake.
A cinnamon cupcake with sprinkles
on top.

Isn’t that the best? There are days when I wish I could feel like a cinnamon cupcake with sprinkles on top!!


~ by doulangel on July 9, 2007.

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