but 1st the doula chronicles…….

still no baby, had a false alarm last night. it’s got to happen soon! we are all growing impatient. but we will let it happen when it happens. that’s birth for ya!

When Hubby and I 1st bought this house 6 years ago, it needed a little work, but it’s our 1st home, so we dove in head 1st.

1st we tore down wallpaper, b/c EVERY room in the house had it, and it was at least 20 years old. Some rooms had layers and layers of it. Then we painted and tore up carpet b/c the one thing they did right in these houses, (we live in a little development that was built right after WW2. there is some discrepancy in why they were built, some say it was for a local factory that went in, some say it was for the soldiers coming home. the houses are all basically the same. and the more we talk with the neighbors we have seen that they all have the same problems.) was the hard wood floors. These were all simple tasks.

Then came the big stuff. He wanted to put new cupboards in and put linoleum in the kitchen and utility room. When he took out the old cabinets he found more damage under the sink than we thought. His hammer literally went right through the rotten wood into the crawl space. Nice, so we had to replace the floor. Then when we got to the utility room we found something similar. When we moved in, there was an old washer and dryer already here. We bought a stack able unit to save some space and had them cap off the water on one side b/c we moved it to the other side of the room. Where they capped it off at some point had started leaking, so we had to replace MORE floor. I say we, but it was all him you know.

After these projects we were so done with this stuff. So we took some time off. He has been bugging me about wanting to do the bathroom for awhile now. And then my cousin gets this bright idea as a gift for her mom to ceramic tile her kitchen and dinning room. And of course they call Hubby to help(!) He comes home all ready to ceramic tile our bathroom. I keep putting him off b/c I just had this feeling you know? These projects always cost more than you think and take longer than you planned. Then we decided to take it on and we planned our trip to Ohio to get o/o his way and so on.

Well, of course, it didn’t go well. He decided while I was gone that he would also make the bathroom bigger by taking out part of the hall closet. This is actually a nice thing. But it caused the whole project to take longer. He got the tile down, but then they started cracking. He has had to replace 5 of them already. So last night after fire works he starts grouting. He is up till 3 a.m. and gets it almost all the way done.

Then Sis gets up in the morning and decides to play in the water……..all….over……the bathroom. And the grout that he just put down that is not supposed to get wet until it is sealed. Needless to say he was furious, it is all cracked now and has to be redone. This has been such a disaster. And then we have all these people that want to “help.” And they have just made it worse with all of their advice which serves only to add to his frustration. So I ask you, are these actually improvements?? I’m not sure that they are worth it……


~ by doulangel on July 4, 2007.

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