if that wasn’t bad enough!?

If the previous post wasn’t enough to stress me out about going, this is. Hubby went to take the car and fill it up while I got the kids in bath and bed. He goes to start the car and his key breaks off in the ignition!! So he and the neighbor have spent the last almost 3 hours trying to get it out. Then they tell me they can figure out a way for me to hot wire it(!) Can you see me? Hot wiring a car with 3 kids in it every time we stop?? And to shut it off? I’d have to like, pop the clutch or something. I don’t even know.

So I am going to take our van. It runs fine, but the car would’ve gotten better mileage. And the van needs to be aligned. The plan is to get a nice used tire in the mourning and then take off from there. The nice thing about the van is that I can separate them all, one in the front, one in the middle and one in the back. But it has no tape player or CD player and the radio only works 1/2 the time. Ah well, I get what I get.

I just can’t think of what else could go wrong. I don’t even want to know. And no, I don’t think this is a sign that I shouldn’t go. If anything, the fight is coming from the other end. I have prayed and prayed and He had not told me no. I will update you if anything else goes wrong!


~ by doulangel on June 23, 2007.

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