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I’m terribly excited, and anxious now. My client that we thought was due the beginning of August called this morning after her appointment. She has been having contractions that wake her at night, and that have apparently been doing their job as well. She is about half way effaced, a bit dilated and the baby is down. She is only 33 weeks along if we go by the due date that we were looking at. We’re now hoping we’re wrong about the date as we don’t want a premature baby. She hasn’t had any ultrasounds to confirm that date.

Now, I’m hoping and praying that she doesn’t go while I’m in Ohio(!) If I attend her birth she will be the 2nd birth I need to get certified, after my bookwork is done. She was wanting to go a little early b/c her bff is getting married 2 days b4 her original due date, but this is too early. Dr. predicts her going another 2 weeks, which would be nice and healthier for baby if she is early.

We talk all the time and are on the same page as to what kind of births she has had, and all the things that are important to her. This is #3 for her. I really like and respect her Dr. She delivered 2 of mine and is this older, totally laid back ,birth happens every day kind of caregiver. She also listens to her patients.

I missed her last birth by 20 minutes. I wasn’t scheduled to attend her, but she told me she’d call when she went in. She called one evening and I went up, she had been having contractions and was due. We walked for a few hours, but she ended up being sent home. The next day I was out running errands and came home to hear her on my machine. I ran up there and had just missed her. I guess I should explain that this woman needs no help and knows she needs no help. She doesn’t even push her babies. She just let’s it happen and kind of “nudges” them out. She was having a conversation with her mother in law and then her mil notices a slightly different expression on her face and says “should I go get your Dr.?” she says “yah, you might wanna.” She was crowning at that point. And she’s one of those bless-ed women who didn’t have pain in that labor. She had a little with her 1st, so I can’t wait to see what happens with this one.

So now I get to be on call. I have to charge my phone and put some minutes on it. Which is what I had to do for our trip anyway. But that is what I did with my 1st birth, was gave her my cell # and kept it on and with me at all times. Worked well.

on another note…..

Mel called the other night and we were talking about her Mom’s memorial. It’s the 30th of this month. Which is the only time that all the siblings could be there. She was cremated, but Dad wants to bury her ashes, and they wanted a service in Indiana where they lived until last year. She said they wanted someone to do a praise and worship service for them, I volunteered Hubby. He said “I hate it when you do that.” Until he found out what it was for, then happily agreed. Her brother, who is a Pastor, is going to be doing part of the service as well. I can’t imagine what this must feel like to him. She called again this morning and confirmed that they would need Hubby. I feel very honored that we get to have a part in this. Hubby was very sweet in asking what her favorite hymn was. The thing is, it’s the same day as my little Zyons 1st birthday party. (Zyon was the birth I attended.) And of course her mom and I are close friends. I think I will be able to at least stop by for a few minutes and then head out to the memorial, it takes 45 minutes to get there. I had a little moment last night as I was adding a name to my address book in yahoo and kept scrolling past her name, I just kept looking at it thinking “ok, I guess at some point, I will have to delete that.” It was a very strange sort of feeling…. and isn’t this how life happens, we are celebrating new life, on the same day we are remembering one who has passed…..


~ by doulangel on June 20, 2007.

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